[CESG] [EXTERNAL] ECSS work on e-Glossary - possible CCSDS synergies

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Sep 27 17:10:28 UTC 2019

Dear Margherita,

We could, as you suggest, have a discussion in the SSG about these two Glossary efforts and whether there are sufficient similarities or differences to make looking at some sort of collaboration viable.  But I think you are aware that the SSG is really just about steering the SANA Operator's work and how the SANA handles its relationships with the CCSDS WG.

This discussion seems to me to be more appropriate in the context of the CESG because arriving at any sort of collaboration on Glossary entries would mean that the CCSDS WG and the ECSS WG, or whatever technical apparatus that they have, would need to work together.  The same is true, by the way, with the TC 20/SC 14 relationship that we have been working on for a while in the CESG context, and with CMC visibility.

I think it would be more appropriate to have this discussion within the CESG before we start to try and work out the mechanics.  As a result I have copied the CESG, and the CMC chair, to get their feedback.

Best regards, Peter

From: "Margherita.di.Giulio at esa.int" <Margherita.di.Giulio at esa.int>
Date: Friday, September 27, 2019 at 8:02 AM
To: Peter Shames <peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov>
Cc: "Andrew.Herd at esa.int" <Andrew.Herd at esa.int>
Subject: [EXTERNAL] ECSS work on e-Glossary - possible CCSDS synergies

Dear Peter,
I have had a chat with Andrew Herd (in copy) and he clarified the kind of cooperation he would like to establish with CCSDS's, re, the  Glossary
ECSS has developed a Glossary with an approach similar to the CCSDS's one in  the SANA Registry.
There are also technology developments that may be interesting for CCSDS..

We have agreed that he will attend the SSG meeting at the Thursday session, if ok with you, and give a short introduction of the work done by ECSS in this context.
Andrew also mentioned the ISO TC20/SC14 interest  into synergies in Glossary-related activities, which we are also aware of.

I think at the SSG meeting we can look into areas of cooperation with ECSS and possibly establish a roadmap for future work.
By the way, I will also (try and) attend the SSG Meeting.

Kind regards,

Margherita di Giulio
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