[CESG] SEA-R-2019-05-02 Initiate a poll to publish the Delta-DOR Green Book, CCSDS 500.1-G-2, Issue 2

Shames, Peter M (312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue May 21 19:20:55 UTC 2019

Dear CCSDS Secretariat,

Secretariat:  Please submit this SEA resolution for CESG approval and forwarding to the CMC.

Summary of resolution:

Resolution 1:  Initiate a poll to approve publication of the Delta-DOR Green Book, CCSDS 500.1-G-2

Thanks, Peter


SEA-R-2019-05-02 Initiate a poll to publish the Delta-DOR Green Book, CCSDS 500.1-G-2, Issue 2

The System Engineering Area,


The Delta DOR Working Group has completed revisions to Issue 2 of their Green Book on Delta-DOR Technical Characteristics and Performance, and that,
The WG has achieved consensus on this item.


The CCSDS Organization and Processes (A02.1-Y-4 cor 2) Sec states for non-normative track documents: If the AD deems the draft to be suitable for publication, the AD shall
a)  instruct the WG to forward the word-processor file for the document, along with original graphics files for figures in the document, to the CCSDS Chief Technical Editor; and
b)  provide an Area resolution via e-mail to the Secretariat and CESG-exec lists12 requesting that the document be published.
 and that,

The Word doc for this file is attached, and that
The SEA AD has reviewed this document and determined that the document is ready to be approved.

RESOLVES to request:

That the Secretariat prepare the document for publication, and that
The Secretariat initiate a poll requesting CESG and CMC approval to publish this document.

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