[CESG] SEA Resolution: SEA-R-2019-12-01, Approval to publish the ASL-ADD, CCSDS 371.0-G-1

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Dec 4 21:22:15 UTC 2019

Dear CCSDS Secretariat,

Secretariat:  Please submit this SEA resolution for CESG approval and forwarding to the CMC.

The attached document is the result of a request from the CMC for the SEA to work with the MOIMS and SOIS areas to create a new ADD Green Book document for the work done in those areas.  This is intended as a companion document to the SCCS – ADD and ARD that were produced a few years ago.  The attached document is the result of this work, which has, during the process of developing it, been reviewed in stages by the affected Areas and WGs.  The final document, in addition to being submitted formally here, has also just been forwarded to all of the ADs and WG chairs that are affected, to give them an opportunity to do a final review while the document moves through the CCSDS production process.

As a last bit of introduction, this ADD is a Green Book, and not a Magenta Book largely because a lot of the reference materials are, themselves, either Green or Magenta, so attempting to make these into a normative Magenta Book seemed inappropriate.

Summary of resolution:

Resolution 1:  Initiate a poll to publish the new CCSDS Application and Support Layer ADD as a Green Book, CCSDS 371.0-G-1

Thanks, Peter


SEA-R-2019-12-01:  Initiate a poll to publish the new CCSDS Application and Support Layer ADD as a Green Book, CCSDS 371.0-G-1

The System Engineering Area,


The Systems Architecture Working group (SEA-SA) has completed editing of the new CCSDS 371.0-G-1 Green Book, Application and Support Layer Architecture Description Document (ASL-ADD), and that
This document is intended to provide a descriptive reference for CCSDS user community and Working Groups, and that
The SEA-SA has achieved consensus on this item.


The CCSDS Organization and Processes (A02.1-Y-4 cor 2) Sec B.2.3 states for Green Books that:

At such time as the WG has completed its development, the WG chair may petition the CESG via the Area Director to publish the final document as a CCSDS Informational Report. Approval normally will be subject to only editorial considerations and to verification that there has been adequate coordination with the standards process. There is no requirement for a formal agency review prior to publishing a CCSDS informational document.
 and that,

This document describes, in an informative but structured fashion, the available CCSDS application layer and support standards and processes, and that
The SEA AD has reviewed this document and determined that the document is ready to be published.

RESOLVES to request:

That the Secretariat prepare the document for publication, and that
The Secretariat initiate a poll requesting CESG and CMC approval to publish this document.

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