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Sat Oct 27 17:21:02 UTC 2018

Peter: Indeed. –Tom






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From: Shames, Peter M (312B) [mailto:Peter.M.Shames at jpl.nasa.gov] 
Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2018 12:12 PM
To: Thomas Gannett; Oliver, Brian (HQ-CG000)[Arctic Slope Technical Services, Inc.]
Cc: CCSDS Secretariat; CCSDS Engineering Steering Group - CESG Exec
Subject: Re: [Secretariat] [CESG] FW: Publicly Available CCSDS Mailing List Archives




Please note that I did not assert any authority over visibility of these lists.  I only raised the issue for discussion.  


It was Brian who acted unilaterally to hide the lists.


For the record, Peter



From: Tom Gannett <thomas.gannett at tgannett.net>
Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 8:29 AM
To: Brian Oliver <brian.oliver at nasa.gov>
Cc: Peter Shames <Peter.M.Shames at jpl.nasa.gov>, CCSDS Secretariat <secretariat at mailman.ccsds.org>, CCSDS Engineering Steering Group - CESG Exec <cesg at mailman.ccsds.org>
Subject: Re: [Secretariat] [CESG] FW: Publicly Available CCSDS Mailing List Archives


All this is well and good, but I fail to see any reason to make those lists private. CCSDS is not a secret organization, the work reflected in the archives is publicly funded and neither classified nor sensitive, and nothing is going on in either the CESG or CMC that justifies hiding the list archives.  Beyond that, I believe they were made public by design, and the SEA AD has no authority over the visibility of the CESG and CMC mailing lists.


If a change like this is going to be made, it needs at the very least to have a CMC resolution associated with it to obviate head scratching next time someone asks why the archives are hidden from public view.


On Fri, Oct 26, 2018 at 3:00 PM, Oliver, Brian (HQ-CG000)[Arctic Slope Technical Services, Inc.] <brian.oliver at nasa.gov> wrote:



I have just made the following Mailing List archives “private”.









Brian Oliver

CCSDS IT Tech Support 


On Oct 26, 2018, at 2:55 PM, Shames, Peter M (312B) <Peter.M.Shames at jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:


Dear CESG,


AT various times we have talked about the expectation that the CCSDS mailing lists, at least some of them, are closed and therefore private to that group.  This is a particular concern, I think, for the CESG and CMC discussions.  We control who can be added to those lists and also who can post to them.  But it appears that this "privacy" is not really the case since the email list archives are open to being read by anyone at all.


See the following notice from the Sec WG.


Also, see the CMC archives at  <https://mailman.ccsds.org/pipermail/cmc/> https://mailman.ccsds.org/pipermail/cmc/


I think we should probably suggest that the Secretariat do something about this.


Regards, Peter



From: Howie Weiss < <mailto:Howard.Weiss at parsons.com> Howard.Weiss at parsons.com>
Date: Friday, October 26, 2018 at 10:19 AM
To: Peter Shames < <mailto:Peter.M.Shames at jpl.nasa.gov> Peter.M.Shames at jpl.nasa.gov>
Cc: "'Daniel.Fischer'" < <mailto:Daniel.Fischer at esa.int> Daniel.Fischer at esa.int>, Howie Weiss < <mailto:Howard.Weiss at parsons.com> Howard.Weiss at parsons.com>
Subject: Publicly Available CCSDS Mailing List Archives




I had an action item from the Security WG that I neglected to do at the SEA closing plenary which I now discovered when going through my notes to write up the meeting minutes.


The concern is with the working group mailing list archives.  Anyone, without any authorization, can read the archives.  As a result, we have eliminated any potential for mailing list privacy.  The mail is not just available to the members of the mailing list – they are available to anyone world-wide.


Here’s a screen shot of the CESG archive that I just viewed (and I can read any of the emails listed).




We believe that this must be fixed ASAP.







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