[CESG] Conflicting description of Agency REVIEW INSTRUCTIONS FOR REVIEWERS vs. Org & Proc Yellow Book

Gian.Paolo.Calzolari at esa.int Gian.Paolo.Calzolari at esa.int
Thu Oct 4 08:38:15 UTC 2018

Dear Margherita,
        recently I noticed on CCSDS web pages a discrepancy about the 
REVIEW INSTRUCTIONS FOR REVIEWERS provided at different links.
I think we may need to improve this also with respect to the Org & Proc 
Yellow Book.

I give you an example with the Review Documents - CCSDS 357.0-R-1 (as this 
is just started and the web links will not diisappear soon from the CCSDS 
web site.
At https://public.ccsds.org/Lists/CCSDS%203570R1/Overview.aspx three links 
are provided for 
1)    CCSDS Agency (excluding NASA)     
2)    NASA Center       
3)    NASA-Sponsored CCSDS Associate    

Member and Observer Agencies are requested to send their sets of review 
comments to the Review Coordinator with a copy to the CCSDS Secretariat. 
Each review comment should be submitted on a separate Review Item 
Disposition (RID) form. Submission of RIDs in electronic form is 
preferred. The following ASCII RID forms are available (click on form name 
to access): Contact the Secretariat office at 
secretariat at mailman.ccsds.org if you have questions. 
Click Here to Download an ASCII RID Form
This formulation is basically coincident with the one in CCSDS A02.1-Y-4 

Conversely for #2 and #3 (BTW, As far as I can see those two web pages are 
The HTML RID form provided at the link below is for submitting your review 
comments. You may enter as many RIDs as needed. Contact the Secretariat 
office at secretariat at mailman.ccsds.org if you have questions. 
Click Here to Submit an HTML RID form (for automated submission of review 
This formulation is completely different from the one in CCSDS A02.1-Y-4 
Page D-2 

IMHO this formulation is misleading and can explains some inconveniences 
experienced in the past with NASA RIDs not (formally) submitted timely to 
Agency review. For this reason I think it worth commenting even if #2 and 
#3 may be regarded as the NASA internal procedure required by Org & Proc 
clause Each  CCSDS  Agency  shall  be  responsible  for 
establishing  local  procedures  for  review of CCSDS documents. 

I think that the description REVIEW INSTRUCTIONS FOR REVIEWERS for NASA 
centres shall be made closer to the general one.
Moreover, since the page list several coordinators it should be made clear 
that the automatic submission is an automatic submission to the NASA 
Center Review Coordinator ( to the NASA Review Coordinator?) and NOT to 
the Overall review coordinator.

In general i wonder whether a clause should be added to Org & Proc section 
6.2.5 FORMAL AGENCY REVIEW  to state clearly e.g.: Each  CCSDS  Agency  shall send their set of RIDs  to the Review 
Coordinator with a copy to the CCSDS Secretariat. 

An Ancillary comment about the list in 3 items provided e.g. at 
https://public.ccsds.org/Lists/CCSDS%203570R1/Overview.aspx is that it 
looks only NASA-Sponsored CCSDS Associate can provide RIDs while e.g. 
ESA-Sponsored CCSDS Associate cannot.
Looking at Org & Proc Yellow Book section "4.1.5 ASSOCIATE" I found that 
"The sponsoring agency is expected to invite its  Associates to 
participate in CCSDS document reviews  and  to  incorporate  those 
Associate  re
view  comments  that  accord  with  its  agency  position into its 
consolidated set of review comments at close of review. " I wonder whether 
this shroud be better remarked e.g. modifying the link #1 ro state
CCSDS Agency & their Sponsored CCSDS Associate  (excluding NASA)

Just my cent................... for possible discussion in CESG

Best regards

Gian Paolo

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