[CESG] Use of CCSDS Standards for Mission Operations Interoperability in the LOP-G Program

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Mon May 28 11:12:45 UTC 2018

Dear Colleagues,
Mission operations is the program aspect that ties all systems and 
components together.  As such, mission operations concepts and standards 
should be part of the very early planning phases of any mission.  It is 
recommended that the International Deep Space Interoperability Standards 
document suite include a volume dedicated to mission operations 
interoperability standards applicable to both space and ground segment 
The Deep Space Interoperability Standards team should carefully consider 
adopting standards from the broad set of operations-related standards 
developed within the Mission Operations and Information Management 
Services (MOIMS) Area of the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems 
MOIMS standards are dedicated to interoperability services and data 
formats defining a basic set of interfaces, interactions and services 
common in the Space and Ground domains. A general trend is the movement of 
intelligent applications from Ground to Space and the standards are an 
enabler for this movement due to their common nature and technology 
Reasons for early inclusion of CCSDS MOIMS standards in the Deep Space 
Programs include:
-       Hard lessons learned in the early phases of the ISS. The lack of 
upfront definition of operations standards has resulted in a very 
complicated ground segment with duplication of the similar interfaces 
-       The set of MOIMS standards currently available includes key 
standards that are commonly used in most of space missions today.
-       LOP-G is already considering several related CCSDS standards for 
communications and security, and the same rationale is applicable for the 
use of MOIMS Standards.
-       MOIMS Services focus on the interface boundaries, with minimal 
invasion into the hosting systems.  Therefore, they are easily usable on 
new or legacy and space and ground systems.
-       MOIMS Standards simplify the integration of systems (legacy and 
new applications) and support heterogeneous communications protocols, 
therefore facilitating and simplifying inter-agency co-operation.
-       MOIMS Standards are developed internationally and approved by the 
11 CCSDS space agencies. They are the technical foundation for smooth 
international cooperation.
-       Over time, mission operations concepts and procedure will mature 
and change, driving the LOP-G system in ways not currently considered. 
Mature interface and service standards can help simplify system 
redirection / expansion.
-       The MOIMS service framework allows easy expansion of new 
capabilities as locally-defined services or as new Mission Operations (MO) 
standards through CCSDS. In particular, its modular architecture enables 
inclusion of new services at a very late stage of project development with 
no need to redesign the already developed components/applications. 
-       MOIMS standards facilitate avoidance of unneeded software 
The MOIMS area is very interested in providing its set of standards to the 
LOP-G community. For this reason, should we identify the need of a 
specific standard that is not covered by the available set, we are ready 
to be flexible and, if agreed by the participating agencies, adapt the 
MOIMS workplan to the LOP-G needs. Clearly, LOP-G agency staff are 
welcomed to contribute to the work. 
We also would like to re-mark the fact that the MOIMS includes the 
?Telerobotics Working Group? that unfortunately has been dormant for a 
couple of year due to lack of interest from the agencies. We think instead 
that standards in this field would be critical in a multi-asset and 
multi-organization set up as the LOP-G one. We would very welcome a 
revived interest by space agencies boosted by the LOP-G interest in order 
to re-start the work of this working group.
A whitepaper has been prepared to provide an overview of available mission 
operations standards that can directly benefit large missions such as the 
Lunar Orbital Platform ? Gateway.  The paper has been submitted as comment 
to the call made by the International Deep Space Standards group (
https://www.internationaldeepspacestandards.com/comment/, but it is not 
clear if the on-line submission was successful as no positive feedback was 
received) and has been posted to the public CCSDS MOIMS Site at
We would appreciate if you could consider our comment and pass it to 
whoever may be concerned.
Best regards,

Mario Merri                                                   Brigitte 
MOIMS Area Director                                 MOIMS Deputy Area 
European Space Agency (ESA              Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales 
Robert Bosch Strasse 5                  18 Avenue Edouard Belin
D-64293 Darmstadt, Germany              F-31401 Toulouse Cedex 9, France
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Thank you.

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