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 Dear all
    I was not aware of this CMC decision made just 3 working days ago 
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  Subject: CMC Meeting in Darmstadt 
    I’m seeing a lot of traffic regarding the CESG attending the CMC meeting in Darmstadt, so I thought it would be good to send you a note regarding the CMC’s recent decision on this topic. At the CMC meeting on Friday 9-22-2017 (which you were unable to attend), the CMC decided, and asked me to include the following in the CMC minutes of meeting:  
     1.     The CMC reviewed the CMC and CMC/IOAG joint teleconference agenda for November and discussed the meeting attendees for the joint CESG/CMC meeting to occur on Monday, 13 November 2017. The CMC discussed the need to have all CESG members present or just the CESG Chair and Deputy Chair. J. Miro indicated that for one day the CESG members can dial in, for day 2 it would preferrable to have just the CESG and Deputy CESG chair present while the CMC deliberates other topics. The CMC agreed that for day 1 the AD’s will be available only via teleconference, because this will be a very short CMC meeting, so not many people are required to be there in person.  The CMC asked that this decision be recorded in the meeting minutes.  

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