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Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Mon Sep 18 09:11:02 UTC 2017

Dear all,

There are 16 rooms requested on Tuesday 7th Nov 2017 am (08:45 - 12:30 

As the maximum capacity contracted with the Marriott is 15 rooms, and I 
have been informed that no extra ? can be paid by ESA on top of the agreed 
expenditure, I would like to request the ADs if some WGs can be moved to 
other slots.

If this first attempt fails, I will ask you afterwards which WG will meet 


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Subject:        [CCSDS-All] Fall 2017 Technical Meetings - The Hague, 
Netherlands - Registration Now Open
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Hosted by ESA, the CCSDS Fall 2017 meeting series will be held at The 
Hague Marriott Hotel in The Hague, Netherlands. The main technical meeting 
series will be held 6-9 November 2017. [Note: This will be a 4-day 
technical meeting] The CESG Meeting will be held on 10 November 2017 at 
ESTEC in Noordwijk, Netherlands. The Fall CMC Meetings will be held on 
13-15 November 2017 at ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany, hosted by ESA.
For details and to register, visit 
Maps, hotel and other information are available at 
IMPORTANT: Please note the following instructions and process:
1) All Users must have a CWE login. If not, then you must request one:  
http://cwe.ccsds.org/ReqLogin.aspx  Several of the links in this e-mail 
will prompt you for your CWE Login.
2) All Users should review their User Profile before Registering for the 
Fall 2017 Meetings. 
3) After your meeting registration is submitted you will receive a 
confirmation e-mail, like in previous registrations, and you will also 
receive a URL which allows you to edit your registration.
Registration will close on 27 October 2017, one week before the start of 
the technical meetings to provide sufficient time for final logistics 
planning at ESA.
All attendees that require a Letter of Invitation for visa purposes should 
already have their letter. However, If you do not have a letter, please 
contact the Secretariat (Secretariat at mailman.ccsds.org) immediately so it 
can be arranged. 
Also, as always, dress for the Technical Plenary meeting is Business 
We look forward to seeing you in The Hague, Netherlands. 
The Spring 2018 technical plenary will be hosted by NASA in Gaithersburg, 
Maryland, USA. The technical meetings will be held from 9-13 April 2018. 
The CESG Executive Committee will meet on Monday, 16 April 2018 also in 
Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA. The CMC will meet separately on 14-17 May 
2018 in Beijing, China, hosted by CNSA. Some preliminary information will 
be available after the Fall meetings. 
If you need a visa letter to attend the Spring 2018 meeting, please inform 
the Secretariat (Secretariat at mailman.ccsds.org), or indicate this when 
registering online, so that one may be prepared.
Here are some reminders that are important whether or not you or your 
organization is going to attend a CCSDS meeting.
If you are from a government agency that is not yet a CCSDS Observer 
Agency, you should consider registering your organization as a CCSDS 
Observer.  Information is here:  
If you are from private industry or an academic organization that is 
involved (or interested) in CCSDS, but is not yet an Associate, you should 
consider registering your organization as a CCSDS Associate.  Information 
is here:  http://public.ccsds.org/participation/associates.aspx 
If your team is looking for software implementations that are publicly 
available, you should visit this page:  
If your team has developed software implementations that are publicly 
available, you should notify the Secretariat with info to post it on that 
same page:  http://public.ccsds.org/implementations/software.aspx 
If your team has CCSDS implementations commercially available, you can 
have information about it posted on the CCSDS website, here:  
If you are explaining CCSDS to your organization, there are overview 
resources available here: https://public.ccsds.org/outreach/overview.aspx
If you have any questions or comments, please email 
secretariat at mailman.ccsds.org
We look forward to seeing you in The Hague. 
Best regards,
Michael Blackwood
CCSDS Secretariat
michael.blackwood at asrcfederal.com
Phone: 301-837-3901

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