[CESG] REMINDER: Draft Notes of CESG meeting on 15th May 2017: OMG Liaison

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Wed May 24 14:39:52 UTC 2017

Erik and Peter

I will not take into consideration your comments on the MoU. This will be 
addressed once Mario distributes the draft MoU
Sentence "MM will draft a OMG ? CCSDS MoU to be reviewed by CESG and CMC" 
PS comment
Concur with Erik re wanting something in the MOU language that inserts a 
check of new proposed OMG work against the CCSDS body of work.  Of course, 
the OMG may want this to be reciprocal.  While CCSDS is much bigger than 
the OMG SDTF, the whole of the OMG is much, much bigger than the whole of 
EB commnet
2) even if agreed by the CESG, I'm tempted to ask the question ?so what?? 
In reality we cannot leverage requirements on OMG and have no say on their 
processes. It strikes me that there needs to be some sort of statement 
with regard to a concrete action here that CCSDS cna take.  Is such a 
concrete action to be part of Mario's draft  MOU? For example, perhaps the 
MOU can suggest that OMG check with CCSDS before issuing its RFIs and vice 

and wrt to your other comment
I do not recall that we specifically voted on this. But my memory may be 
faulty. Nonetheless, I have to wonder:
1) does not CCSDS mandate a similar process when starting a new project? A 
project is supposed to be justified based on, among other things, lack of 
prior existing standards. The motto for CCSDS has always been "adapt, 
adopt, develop" in that order. Is not an RFI process a good way to go 
about this?  It strikes CCSDS is supposed to do something similar, even if 
I propose to delete the sentence "OMG RFI approach is not suitable to 
manage potential overlaps or duplications"

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