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Date:   11/05/2017 18:10
Subject:        IT Help Desk Tickets & Current IT Dev. Priorities

See links below. Both lists are brand new starting this year as we begin 
to wrap project management around the CCSDS Secretariat. 
CCSDS Development Priorities List: 
https://cwe.ccsds.org/sec/Lists/dev/AllItems.aspx (List items 1 & 2 are 
fixes to the current system based upon multiple user requests to do so). 
This list contains all requested development activities to the CCSDS 
Secretariat and where items are being worked their current completion 
status. Item statuses have been a bit stagnant the past month or so due to 
heavy user requests surrounding the meetings (I hope it is just due to the 
meetings). See Help Desk Ticket System below for more information about 
CCSDS Help Desk Ticket System (HDST): 
https://cwe.ccsds.org/Lists/HDTS/AllItems.aspx - All emails to 
techsupport at mailman.ccsds.org are now automatically routed to our CCSDS 
Ticketing System. This system is brand new and was prototyped by ASRC 
staff whom set it up and then passed it off to CCSDS web development staff 
for final execution and use. It is now the primary source of CCSDS 
Ticketing Information for all requests coming to tech support. 
If you don?t mind me getting on my soap box briefly... My goal as the 
manager of the Secretariat is to bring the Secretariat from its prior 
state as a reactive managed project to a well-defined and quantitatively 
managed project at a cost that is equal to or less than the current cost 
profile. As we optimize all processes and procedures, I can more quickly 
drive our efficiencies in cost and responsiveness to the CCSDS community.


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