[CESG] Is it correct what we show on the web for Recently Completed Reviews?

Tomaso.deCola at dlr.de Tomaso.deCola at dlr.de
Fri Jan 20 10:28:12 UTC 2017

I also find a bit weird that everyone can access the public page and find listed all RIDs for a document under review. I'd rather prefer to keep it confidential, i.e. available only to CWE account owners through user/password access, as proposed by Gian Paolo.
Moreover I see that the user access is requested only when you try to access each specific RID.
I notice that RIDs for CCSDS 320.0-P-6.1 are still RIDs test and should be removed. Moreover in the review for CCSDS 766.2-R-1 I see today that there is a RID called "curious NOTE", which to me sounds a bit unclear; the content of the RID makes everything clear and is about ambiguous/inconsistent text present in a note. I think that reviewers should be reminded to provide consistent title to RIDs as well.



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Subject: [CESG] Is it correct what we show on the web for Recently Completed Reviews?

Dear ALL,
        at https://public.ccsds.org/review/default.aspx we list the CCSDS Review ongoing or completed.

AFter the recent web site updates, for the completed review we only show the RIDs (BTW, only those submitted by NASA via the web interface).
Conversely it is impossible to access the old call for review including the related Red or Pink Book.
Is this correct?

My opinion is that - on the public page -  we should rather show what we asked (most important the red/pink books).
Conversely the RIDs should be treated as more confidential information normally limited to WG Members. However right now this is only affecting NASA so they should speak up on this. However it is also true that we the approach stays, in future all RIDs could be shown. Is this wanted by Agencies?

CESG may discuss the matter in a one of the future webex meetings.


Gian Paolo

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