[CESG] [CMC Alert] CCSDS Review of CCSDS 522.1-R-4, Mission Operations Monitor & Control Services

Thomas Gannett thomas.gannett at tgannett.net
Thu Apr 20 14:02:08 UTC 2017

Dear Nestor:


There is no provision in our procedures for shortening review periods to one
month, as requested in the MOIMS resolution.


" The schedule for the review shall normally allow 60 days from the
time of the review commencement for Agencies to conduct review and return
comments to the review coordinator:


a) the length of the review period may be adjusted according to the size and
complexity of the review document;"


In this case the review document is not only large and complex, but also
differs substantially from the issue the preceded it.


" . . .


                c) if substantive changes are made to a document that has
completed review without technical comment, the Secretariat shall conduct a
final review in which Agencies can approve or reject the document but may
not suggest additional changes;


                d) the Secretariat shall follow the same procedures for
posting review materials and review announcement for each iteration of a


Provision c) above does not apply in this case, because the previous
review did not conclude without technical comment. Therefore this is a
normal review, and provision d) applies.


You, as CESG Chair, should support following CCSDS procedures. In any case,
there is nothing in our procedures granting the CESG Chair authority to
dictate that the Secretariat violate CCSDS procedures.


It is, however, in the purview of the CMC to hold CCSDS procedures in
abeyance. I can set up a CMC poll requesting that review procedures for
review of issue 4 of the MOIMS Red Book be ignored.


Best regards,




Thomas Gannett

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The MOIMS AD has requested in his resolution (see below) a shorter review
period of 1 month for the 4th Agency Review of the book. 

As CESG Chair I fully support this request and its justification, but you
have ignored it as CTE. 

Please reduce the review period to 1 month as requested. 


Resolution MOIMS-SM&C WG-R-2017-04-003: Approval to release CCSDS 522.0-R-4,


CONSIDERING that the MOIMS/SM&C Working Group has already performed 3 Agency
Reviews of the proposed draft Recommended Standard on "MISSION OPERATIONS -

CONSIDERING that the 3rd Agency Review has resulted in significant changes, 

CONSIDERING that  extensive additional comments have been received on the
updated draft document as result of the CESG poll for publication, 

and RECOGNIZING that this version of the document has the approval of the
SM&C WG Chair and of the MOIMS AD, 

RECOMMENDS that the CCSDS Engineering Steering Group, as previously agreed,
releases the document as a draft Recommended Standard for an expedite 4th
CCSDS Agency Review, which implies: 

*	No need for CESG/CMC poll for Agency Review (allowed by the YB) 
*	No/minimal re-checking of the draft document by the Chief Editor
before initiating the Agency Review (being the 4th review, the document is
already in the proper CCSDS format) 
*	The Chief Editor puts this document on top his waiting list queue 
*	The Agency Review period is shortened to 1 month (allowed by the


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