[CESG] Updated template for WG Report to Area

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Wed Nov 2 07:10:43 UTC 2016

Gippo & al

It will take some time to fine tune the template. We will do step by step, 
by learning and updating.

Slide 2:
Remove goals  Disagreed
Example on your own Area
Goal for OPT WG:        Resolve conflict in the Near Earth HDR
Achievement:            Consensus agreed. 2 OBs to be produced

For "Working Group Status" change description to e.g.: [Progress Summary, 
Activity performed in this meeting (maximum 2 or 3 lines of text per 
bullet)]  OK
Move "Achievements" from slide 3 to slide 2 OK
Have items in this sequence:   "Working Group Status" +  "Interaction with 
other WGs" + "Achievements" + "Problems and Issues" OK

Slide 3
Move "Achievements" from slide 3 to slide 2 OK
Change from "Resolutions expected in the next 6 months" to e.g. 
"Resolutions in this meeting and till next meeting"  (just to avoid that 
somebody thinks that a resolution finalized in the meeting shall be not be 
listed :o) 

My idea was to have this choice within the Area report
The ratonale is 
WG lists all resolutions expected in the next 6 months
ADs/DADs propose in the Area chart on resolutions the suggested sequence 
(see below)

WG Chairs can only issue resolutions for Projects. ADs for all the 
remaining cases. 
ADs decide which resolutions are
for CESG approval at the physical meeting
for CESG approval after the physical meeting
for CMC approval at the next physical meeting (following the CESG 
"in-situ" approval or a new / to be updated / to be deleted Project)
for CMC approval after the physical meeting


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