[CESG] UPDATE - CCSDS Review of CCSDS 401.0-P-25.1, Radio Frequency and Modulation Systems­Part 1: Earth Stations and Spacecraft

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UPDATE - The due date for Agency comments for review of CCSDS 401.0-P-25.1 (Control Number: RP 16-04) has been extended to April 11, 2016.

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Control Number: RP 16-04

The following draft CCSDS Recommended Standard has been placed on line for CCSDS Agency review:

   CCSDS 401.0-P-25.1.  Radio Frequency and Modulation Systems--
                        Part 1: Earth Stations and Spacecraft.
                        Red Sheets.  Issue 25.1.  February 2016.

DOCUMENT DESCRIPTION:  Numerous concise recommendations appear in the notebook volume bearing the number 401.0-B.  Each recommendation is dated, and the most recent revision is shown in the table of contents.  These Recommendations are developed for conventional near-Earth and deep-space missions having moderate communications requirements.  The current draft adds new recommendation 2.4.23, Modulation Methods at High Symbol Rate Transmissions, Earth Exploration Satellites (EES) 25.5-27.0 GHz Band, Space-to-Earth.

The due date for receipt of Agency review comments by the Review Coordinator is 2016-4-1.  More information is available at the Web site identified below.

The review document, in Portable Document Format (PDF), and associated review materials are available for downloading at the following location:


REMINDER:  Agency Heads of Delegation are to make their own arrangements for review participation by their Agency-sponsored Associates.

NOTE: Per CMC Action Item CMC-A-2007-10-05, agency reviewers are reminded to review for compliance with the CCSDS Publications Manual as well as technical content.

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