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Dear CMC

You will find below the response of the IOAG Chair upon my request, done 
as CCSDS-IOAG liaison, and as a consequence of the action placed upon the 
CESG Chairs in the last CMC meeting

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From:   Michael Schmidt/esoc/ESA
To:     Nestor Peccia/esoc/ESA at ESA
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Date:   01/03/2016 07:50
Subject:        IOAG: Response to Action on Lunar & Mars Missions

Dear Nestor,

I have asked the IOAG delegates to confirm whether a working group should 
be created to assess the standardisation needs for the future Moon and 
Mars missions. I have received a response from most of the agencies (UKSA, 
CNSA, ASI, KARI, CNES, DLR, ESA, CSA). The response is positive, i.e. the 
IOAG intend to perform the requested assessment of the standardisation 
needs. At this point in time I intend to establish a coordination team 
that collects and discuss the inputs that might be provided. I will ask 
the delegates to confirm this approach. We might decide at a later stage 
to establish a formal WG with the task of creating a formal report.
For the time being the following questions were raised:
a)      Should we look at Moon and Mars missions or only at Moon missions?
b)      Should we limit ourselves to the 4 questions identified by NASA in 
the presentation:
1.Are your Lunar missions planning to be cross-supported by any 
communication assets, e.g., ground station or relay orbiter, of any other 
2.What are the standards, CCSDS or industry standards, to be used by your 
Lunar missions?
3.Do you know if there are any standards that your Lunar missions would 
like to use but currently are not accepted by IOAG?
4.Do you know if there are any capabilities that your Lunar missions would 
like to use but currently are not available?
c)      Should we limit ourselves to the currently planned Lunar and Mars 
missions or should we also look at potential future missions, e.g. 
Cubesats? There is for example an initiative to look at a possible 
commercial communications network to support Moon / Mars missions.

The vast majority of the agencies agreed to look at the Moon and Mars 
missions. One of the reasons is that the upcoming Moon missions should be 
considered as a precursor to the future Mars missions and it should be 
avoided to create specific infrastructure or standards only for the Moon 
missions. They should be applicable if possible also for the Mars 
missions. However, the emphasis of this assessment at this point in time 
will probably be on the Moon missions.
All agencies also expressed their intention to provide cross-support. The 
details are still to be defined.
The answers concerning the specific standards under point b (see above) 
are not yet very extensive. All agencies expressed their intention to 
apply the CCSDS standards but they didn?t yet identify the gaps. This will 
be performed in the second step of this exercise.
In addition several agencies suggested to limit the assessment not only to 
the institutional missions but also to take into account commercial 
missions and potentially also cubesats.
If considered useful I can also provide the detailed responses from the 
various agencies.
Please let me know if you require any further inputs at this point in 

Kind Regards

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