[CESG] Approval of CCSDS Document Project - All Recipients Please Review

Mario.Merri at esa.int Mario.Merri at esa.int
Tue Jun 21 17:45:31 UTC 2016

Dear CESG chair and CESG colleagues,

Brigitte and I fully support the proposal by the MOIMS/NAV WG to approve 
the new project for the 5 year revision of the XML Specifications for 
Navigation Data Messages (CCSDS 505.0-B-1) and kindly ask the CCSDS 
Secretariat to establish the required CMC poll. However, before doing this 
we would like to submit a request to the CESG (see below) for approval.

For the 2 prototypes (originally done by NASA and ESA), we would like to 
propose that in this case no prototype is required based on the following 
The revised book will be the result of removing material from the current 
version. In fact, the XML representations of the ADM, ODM and TDM, 
currently in the published blue book, will be migrated to the message 
specific books in the context of their on-going 5-year reviews (e.g. the 
ADM XML will be included in the ADM book revision).
What will be left in the to be approved revised book is the a "Combined 
Instantiation" of navigation data messages (see Section 4.14) along with 
basic sections on XML in general. The Combined Instantiation allows 
merging ODM and/or ADM and/or TDM in a single file.This material will be 
technically unchanged with respect to the currently published book and 
already went through prototyping (see attached NDM/XML PROTOTYPING TEST 
PLAN & REPORT, yellow book)
The above approached is proposed in agreement with the NAV WG chair and 
deputy chair.
There are in general scarce resources in CCSDS, therefore avoiding 
unnecessary work should be welcomed by everyone.

NASA has agreed to take over the book editorship task.

We would appreciate to receive your endorsement for this approach by 

Best regards, 

Brigitte & Mario 

From:   "CCSDS Management Framework" <ccsds_techsupport at aiaa.org>
To:     <Nestor.Peccia at esa.int>, <wallace.tai at jpl.nasa.gov>, 
<Mario.Merri at esa.int>, <brigitte.behal at cnes.fr>, 
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Cc:     <techsupport at mailman.ccsds.org>
Date:   13/06/2016 00:04
Subject:        Approval of CCSDS Document Project - All Recipients Please 

Berry David has requested approval of this document project: Navigation 
Data Messages XML Specification Five Year Revisions within the 2.02 
Navigation Working Group.
Area Director: If you did not submit this request, then your approval 
(then the CESG Chairman) is required before the CMC poll is set up.  
Please respond to "all recipients" of this e-mail on whether you agree or 
disagree with that this proposal is ready for a CMC vote. 
CESG Chairman: Once the Area Director has approved the submission, then it 
is required that you please respond to "all recipients" of this e-mail on 
whether you agree or disagree with that this proposal is ready for a CMC 
Submitter:  If your AD and CESG Chairman agrees, then the CMC poll will be 
set up by CCSDS IT Tech Support.  If your AD disagrees, they will work it 
with you.  If your AD does not respond, you should contact him to insure 
that he does respond. 
Contact the Secretariat (Secretariat at mailman.ccsds.org) if there is a 
problem getting to concurrence on this project.
Thank You,
CCSDS Tech Support

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