[CESG] New draft of "CESG report to CMC"template

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It seems okay.  A question re slide 6 - do you think there will be a lot of CMC checking re target dates?  Ie, should there be an indication of previously planned vs current date delta (if any) ?


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Dear all,

Please find attached the next template iteration. I have highlighted the changes in magenta color. I have tried to incorporate all comments, adding also my views.

Some clarifications:

  1.  AD/DAD will receive a WG / SANA / SIG / BOF  report, which will in general contain several charts. The assumption is that each WG Chair will be asked to summarise its WG findings in 2 charts (1 chart for BOF / SIG )  as described in chart # 5 of the template.AD / DAD can then copy / paste in his Area report. IS THE BOX AT THE BOTTOM NEEDED ?

  1.  Charts 6 to 11 are Area dedicated info, as follows
     *   Chart 6 is composed with the tables given by each WG. It is simpler to add 1 Table after the other, than create one Table. OPEN FOR DISCUSSION
     *   Chart 7 shall only exist for approved Projects with missing proto 2 resources (i.e. MOIMS and SIS). Once this issue is solved for all these Projects, the chart will disappear.
     *   Chart 8 is only for Draft projects to be submitted in the next 6 months for CMC approval NOT FOR ALL DRAFT PROJECTS (otherwise will be too long and useless for currently 64 ones)
     *   Chart 9 is Resolution Summary
     *   Chart 10 is Issues Summary
     *   Chart 11 is Area Executive Summary. CESG Chair is using this chart to derive the CESG presentation to IOAG.IT IS A MUST TO HAVE IT
Please let me have your views.asap


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