[CESG] First draft of "New Template for CESG Report to CMC"

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Mon Jul 4 12:32:02 UTC 2016


I have some comments about your mail

Your proposal is what it has been agreed in 2003 by the CESG (ensuring 
consistency across Areas, minimal work, etc.). A template that can be 
mechanically populated from WG to AD to CESG to CMC report. The main 
problem has been that during the last 13 years every WG and Area was 
changing the way and size of its owned report.(even if the basic info is 
always in the report)
I do not agree on your proposal "if what I propose is agreeable to 
everyone, the Secretariat could propose something". Again comment about 
the contents as an AD and the CESG Chair would "act" upon all inputs.
You do not need to reshuffle the whole proposed template; I am already 
working on a new template based on the comments received, and if if you 
work in parallel on the template, the only winner is the entropy
Chart # 5 of the template is the WG proposed report. The proposed contents 
are goals, status, progress summary, problems, issues, planning, 
interaction with other WGs, proposed resolutions. 

Every WG can present to the Area 5, 10 or 100 Charts, but this Summary (1 
or 2 charts maximal) must be at the end of the WG presentation, such to 
ease its integration in the Area Report

Area Report: 
Demographics + mechanically insertion of WG reports +
CMC recommended new tabular info (previously presented in a very different 
way by all Areas) on Document Summary, Resources, New Work Items, Planned 
resolution summary. 
I believe that it is OK and I need feedback on its content.

wrt  CESG/AD Report to CCSDS Plenary : I am not sure that we need to do 
that. ==> to be discussed at CESG level.

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