[CESG] Minutes from CCSDS Reference Architecture Telecon, 7 Oct 15, Action Items from May 2015 Meeting CMC-A-2015-05-01

Shames, Peter M (312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Oct 9 20:04:15 UTC 2015

Dear CMC & CESG Colleagues,

Attached are the notes from the CCSDS Reference Architecture telecon held on 7 Oct 2015.  This is in direct response to CMC-A-2015-05-01, requesting development of a plan to create a “CCSDS Reference Architecture”.  The propsal is to carry out this work within the SEA System Architecture WG which is being re-started for that purpose, along with other related projects.

Draft materials drawn from existing MOIMS, SOIS, and CSS documents were reviewed with the ad hoc team, which included reps from the CESG, MOIMS SM&C, SOIS, and SEA.  These persons also represented CNES, ESA (ESOC & ESTEC), and NASA (GSFC, JPL, JSC).

You will understand that we plan to meet during the CCSDS working meetings, but that the biggest issue is the ability to provide adequate participaiton duringthe meetings from staff who have the essential knowledge of MOIMS and SOIS architectures.   At this point the best that could be done is to schedule a single, after-hours, session on this work where many of those on this telecon could agree to meet.

Without adequate support this work cannot go forward.   If the CMC is commited to getting this project accomplished, either in the SEA or anywhere else in CCSDS, the necessary resources must be provided.  Given the resources I think we have a viable plan for proceeding.  The scope and approach documented in more detail below.

Best regards, Peter


CCSDS Reference Architecture Telecon, 7 Oct 15

Attendees: Peccia, Merri, Suess, Barton, Sarkarati, Smith, Wilmot, Champsavior, Shames


  *   Discuss scope of work
  *   Discuss proposed approach for the WG efforts
  *   Discuss whether the identified content starts to present an adequate coverage of what is needed
  *   Discuss schedule for coordinated meetings during the Fall session in Darmstadt

Scope of Work

  1.  Agreement that the existing SCCS-ADD/ARD provides an adequate model of the underlying data transfer services, especially for space comms
  2.  Some concern stated that they focus on space communicaiton and do not provide adquate coverage of terrestrial comms
  3.  Suggestion that the initial phase of the work should focus on MOIMS on the ground and SOIS in space.  The second phase would address the MOIMS / SOIS interfaces in space.
  4.  Statement that there is a plan to address the MOIMS / SOIS interfaces at the upcoming meeting
  5.  Concern that all of the MOIMS topics be covered by the model, including nav, data archive, robotics, mission planning
  6.  Probable need to cover MO aspects of voice and video, although this was not touched upon

Proposed approach for WG efforts

  1.  Recognition that this is just a part of the overall SAWG program of work
  2.  Acknowledgement that the SAWG needs to have agency and area contributors, especially from MOIMS and SOIS, and from ESA, CNES, and NASA at a minimum
  3.  Tentative agreement on a phased approach, with assumption that the MOIMS / SOIS discussions will address any spacecraft on-board boundary changes.  Assume for now that the boundary is as stated in the MOIMS / SOIS MOU.
  4.  Agreement to gather scenarios and other use case materials
  5.  Agreement to leverage as much existing material from WG and agency studies as can be made available
  6.  Agreement to focus on coverage for MOIMS & SOIS Blue and Magenta Book materials, with emphasis on interoperability
  7.  Agreement that we should leverage any existing agency study / analysis materials that we can all be allowed to see, but that the outcome of this work must be “CCSDS level” and agency neutral

Coverage of identified content

  1.  Content is a quite complete coverage of what has been published in CCSDS to date
  2.  Leveraging existing SCCS-ARR / ARD is acceptable for space comms, other “data transfer” layers will need to be shown terrestrially
  3.  Nav and archiving are missing from the package
  4.  There is an agreed need for scenarios and use case views
  5.  There is an agreed need for a “leveled” set of functional decomposition materials across all of the MOIMS and SOIS topics, these are currently uneven and scant at best
  6.  There is an agreed need for an improved set of (detailed enough) functions with clearly identified interfaces (tied to standards) and for views of related and interconnected functional groups like (tracking, nav, comm planning, mission planning)

Schedule for meetings

  1.  Due to other work commitments the group agreed to one (or possibly two) “end of day” working meetings during the CCSDS working sessions
  2.  A Doodle poll has been created for Monday or Tuesday night
  3.  The SAWG BoF will meet as planned, all who can participate are welcome
  4.  The SAWG BoF will respond to the CESG conditions before the end of October

Action Items

  1.  Nestor Peccia to provide ESA study materials (if possible)
  2.  Mehran Sarkarati to provide ESA MOIMS / SOIS trade study options (if possible)
  3.  Johnathan Wilmot to provide NASA SOIS (Blue / Magenta) analysis materials (if possible)
  4.  Peter Shames to produce a next version of the integrated set, merging what is provided by the others (if anything)

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