[CESG] Closure of Action Item CMC-A-2015-05-01

Shames, Peter M (312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Jul 27 19:19:37 UTC 2015

Dear CMC Colleagues,

I was given an action to provide more details and a step-by-step plan for developing a CCSDS Reference Architecture.

Action Items from May 2015 Meeting
CMC-A-2015-05-01        Peter Shames was requested to provide additional details (a step-by-step plan) of the RASDS Style PPT Cartoons in slide 47 of the CESG report to the CMC (with proposed start and end dates, deliverables, the experts needed, clarification of where the funding is needed [SEA, MOIMS, SOIS]) so that the CMC members can support it if and when there are additional resources available. He was also requested to provide one example of a cartoon combining MOIMS, SOIS, and CSS.

Action: Peter Shames
Due Date: 15 June 2015
Status: Open

 PS will send a mail to CMC and CESG closing the actions as a consequence of the recent webex on Architecture

The attached materials have been developed and reviewed with a small team consisting of Nestor Peccia, Juan Miro, Colin Haddow, Wallace Tai, James Afarin and Jean-Marc Soula (via email).   These materials were initially developed within the context of the SEA System Architetcure BoF.  The attached SEA Reference Architecture Plan file is a summary of the work and the plan, along with three somewhat different diagrams that provide the best current views of the SOIS, MOIMS, CSS intersections.   There is a second file (CSS MOIMS SOIS cartoons) with a much more extensive set of  background materials that were extracted from various CCSDS documents (MOIMS, SOIS, CSS, SEA), and others taken from MOIMS / SOIS discussions dating back to 2004.

One thing that has become clear to those of us who have studied these materials is that there are a number of gaps, not just among the work done in these separate areas, but also within the areas.  There are, in particular, many topics that have been sketched out in MOIMS & SOIS overview documents that have not yet been realized as actual, implementable, standards.  One result of this is that the small review team has the belief that any "CCSDS Reference Architecture" should be based in what exists, instead of what has been dreamt about.  The following notes from a recent telecon (6 July 15) capture what was agreed by that smaller review team:

Draft "CCSDS reference architecture" materials (attached)

  *   Reviewed the set of materials assembled from the following
     *   SCCS-ARD / ADD (CSS, SLS, SIS, and SEA)
     *   SM&C MO architecture
     *   SM&C standards (MAL, COM, mapping to SPP)
     *   SOIS architecture
     *   SOIS standards (DAS, DVS, subnet, EDS, DoT)
     *   SOIS / SM&C mapping (from 2004)
     *   SOIS architecture (from 2003)
  *   Discussed the possible scope of the work and the issues
     *   Agreed to adopt the SCCS-ARD / ADD as the communications layer (as agreed in London)
     *   Agreed that the relationships among all of these groups of standards are weakly specified (at best)
     *   Agreed that there are some significant gaps between SOIS and SM&C and that many of the abstract services and functions that would define them and tie them together are missing
     *   Noted that there are some draft materials showing how to deploy SM&C and proxies only in the ground segment (Nestor TBS)
     *   Agreed that the mappings from SOIS and MO services to existing SLS and CSS services are not well documented, but are quite straightforward
     *   Agreed that an initial scoping would include MOIMS / SM&C only on the ground, not in flight, but that a future looking section could address that
  *   Proposed an approach that sticks to what is already documented and only at the level of granularity of existing documents
     *   For the most part we will not "invent" anything new and we will stub off discussion at the level of major functions and interactions.
     *   There will still be a certain amount of "glue" that will be needed to relate, for intance, SOIS to file and packet services, or SM&C to CSS services
  *   Identify gaps and issues, decribe them as possible future work
     *   Initial overview and discussions identified the major gaps, touched upon in these notes
     *   These need to be documented as part of this work

Please keep in mind that this CCSDS Reference Architecture work is seen as one part of the overall work plan of the SEA System Architecture WG.  A page on this is in the Plan PPT file and a poll to restart this work is in progress for the CESG and then the CMC to review and hopefully approve.  It is a phased plan that starts with this Reference Architecture effort, but then covers some other related topics.

If you wish to hear more about any of this please let me know.

Best regards, Peter

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