[CESG] Notes of CESG Webex on 13th July 2015

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Mon Jul 13 17:54:54 UTC 2015

Dear all,

Please find below my draft notes. Comments welcome at the latest by Friday 
17th July 2015 cob

Actions status

The status of the CESG open actions is as follows

Action Items from May 2015 Meeting
Peter Shames was requested to provide additional details (a step-by-step 
plan) of the RASDS Style PPT Cartoons in slide 47 of the CESG report to 
the CMC (with proposed start and end dates, deliverables, the experts 
needed, clarification of where the funding is needed [SEA, MOIMS, SOIS]) 
so that the CMC members can support it if and when there are additional 
resources available. He was also requested to provide one example of a 
cartoon combining MOIMS, SOIS, and CSS.

Action: Peter Shames
Due Date: 15 June 2015
Status: Open

 PS will send a mail to CMC and CESG closing the actions as a consequence 
of the recent webex on Architecture

CMC-A-2014-11-01                       Peter Shames was requested to draft 
a formal memorandum from CCSDS to ISO/TC
20/SC14 (Space Systems and Operations) to describe the coordination needed 
on RASDS. Ensure that SC13 is referenced in the draft memorandum.

Action: Peter Shames
Due Date: Spring 2015 CMC Meeting Status: Open
Still open.

The Telerobotics Working Group was instructed to provide regular updates 
of its current activities (providing sufficient details on the projects) 
to the IOAG Liaison (CESG Chair) so that CCSDS activities and IOAG 
interests in this area are coordinated/synchronized.

Action: Telerobotics Working Group
Due Date: 30 June 2015 (for first update)
Status: Open

Mario to chase David

CMC-A-2014-11-11                       After the prior action 
(CMC-A-2014-11-10), the CESG Chair was instructed to notify the
WG chairs to update the charters and projects, including the draft 

Action: CESG Chair
Due Date: 31 July 2015 Status: Open
Still open

Document queue status
Nav PRM RB has priority
Resolutions are missing on
CFDP Draft BB (Keith)
Space Link Extension?Internet Protocol for TransferServices (Draft Blue 
Book) (Erik)
Security Threats against Space Missions (Draft Green Book) (Peter)
Navigation Data Messages Overview (Draft Green Book) (Mario)
Polls to be issued (resolutions already raised) on 

Polls with conditions not yet resolved ?
SOIS Books still under condition discussion
Russian OB has the 30 days expiration. CMC ballot is next

Update of on-line Strategic Plan
SEA: some updates
CSS: need to take a view
MOIMS: some updates
SLS: did some changes
SIS: need to take a view
SOIS: need to take a view
All changes need to be completed by end August 2015.

Every AD will distribute the Area changes (word file with track changes 
on) to the CESG for comments.

WG Chairs have to update their charters (if needed)  to include approved 
and draft projects

Project Resource Table
12 Prototype 2 resources are missing 
1 DAI (2016) 
4 NAV (2017) 
4 SM&C (2016/2017)
1 TEL (2016)
1 SDLS (2017)
1 DTN (2018)

Draft Projects Status
Thanks to everybody for the updates
SEA Area: What about "Ref Information Architecture", "Timeline Data" , 
"Time Service Architecture". Peter to check.
SIS: What about "Erasure coding for LTP". Keith to check

ICPA (will we complete Monitored data and SDLS protocol by end 2015 as 
requested by IOAG? , CSTS File Transfer status?)
CSS MD BB has to be published by end 2015. Erik / Margherita to check.
SDLS BB will be published before end 2015.
File transfer prototype 1 is missing. Therefore the book can not be 
approved at CMC level. Whan can we submit the Project to CMC approval ?

SANA  registries (including SANA YB and SCID YB)
PS presented the CCSDS Registry re-engineering (SCIDs, RF assets, 
SCID BB and SANA YB will be polled during August 2015.

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