[CESG] CESG - MOIMS Resolution Nr 2 after Fall 2014 CCSDS meeting - Publication CCSDS 524.1-R-1 MO - Space Packet Binding

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Thu Jan 29 13:07:49 UTC 2015

CESG Chair 

The following resolution has been approved by MOIMS AD. 



MOIMS-SMC WG-R-2015-01-02, Resolution recommending the issue of CCSDS 
524.1-R-1 MO - Space Packet Binding as a CCSDS Recommended standard

The MOIMS Area,

the CCSDS 524.1-R-1 MO - Space Packet Binding has completed the CCSDS 
SMC WG has completed the prototype work. The first and second prototypes 
have been implemented by CNES and DLR and the interoperability tests 
between both implementations have succeeded. 
the SMC WG has updated the MO - Space Packet Binding document CCSDS 
524.1-R-1 with all agreed RIDs after its Agency review
CONSIDERING that the CCSDS Standards Track requirements for Blue Book 
promotion have been satisfied


RECOGNIZING that this recommendation has been approved by the SMC WG Chair 
and has the full endorsement of the MOIMS AD

RECOMMENDS that the CCSDS  524.1-R-1 MO - Space Packet Binding.is 
published as a CCSDS Recommended Standard

The MOIMS AD RECOMMENDS that the CCSDS Engineering Steering Group Chair 
initiates the required CESG poll for its approval 


Please refer to the following url for the related documents

A) The updated MO - Space Packet Binding document with and without change 


B) The consolidated RIDs that have been agreed with the authors:

C) The prototyping test report:
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