[CESG] [CMC] ISO Affiliation with CCSDS

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Wed Dec 2 10:52:29 UTC 2015


I have gathered some feedback from within the CESG.to help the discussion 
within the CMC.

One of the most important points for CESG is to know the actual cost of 
maintaining the ISO affiliation, and if it is possible to negotiate and 
lower it.  Once the cost is known, the CESG can quantify the affiliation 
in terms of benefit versus cost.

Our opinion is that ending the CCSDS / ISO affiliation would not be 

ISO is more internationally recognized and visible than CCSDS (in fact ISO 
is the highest standardization body worldwide)
Transfer of CCSDS recommendations into ISO standards avoids potential 
overlap with other ISO standards  (see for instance the complexity of the 
relationships between CCSDS and OMG on XTCE). or even regional standards 
(like European Norms (EN))
Affiliation enables the CCSDS Promotion with other communities (e.g. 
Digital Repositories, architectures, information models, security, etc)
Affiliation enables some CCSDS work (e.g. SCPS) uptake by some other 
Affiliation enables the use of the ISO patent declaration form for CCSDS 
If ISO affiliation is dropped, Europeans will have CCSDS making non-ISO 
standards, whereas ECSS would do it,

It should be noted that space agencies and industry working on 
institutional projects use CCSDS recommendations only. 


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