[CESG] Re: SIS Resolution SIS-R-2014-09-001: Resolution to submit CFDP Update Blue Book for initial CESG Poll

Thomas Gannett thomas.gannett at tgannett.net
Mon Sep 22 19:36:41 UTC 2014


Except for an ephemeral state that exists only during CESG approval 
of a Blue Book, there is no such thing as a draft Blue Book. I assume 
the attached is intended to be released as a Pink Book for agency 
review, and I will process it as such. (I.e., 727.0-B-5 can't even be 
imagined until 727.0-P-4.1 has been through formal agency review.)


At 03:16 PM 9/22/2014, Scott, Keith L. wrote:
>The SIS-CFDP-Update working group has completed its draft blue book 
>(attached).  The SIS Area concurs and is submitting the book to the 
>secretariat for initial CESG polling.
>             v/r,
>                         --keith
>Scott: do you have the source for any of the figures?  They seem to 
>look pretty low-res in this version.
>Tom: If you don't have the originals either, let me know and I'll 
>reconstruct the ones that are needed.
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