[CESG] RE: CSS Area: Goals / Project Checks needed in the WGs

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Mon Nov 3 09:39:13 UTC 2014

My personal views

>>Is there a vehicle for capturing what different agencies would like to 
see?  For example, I am aware that NASA foresees the need for a SC-CSTS 
>> (The counter part to the MD-CSTS service).   Along those same lines I 
believe there has been some interest expressed in getting forward and 
return file services 
>>(application of GFT, per IOAG service catalog one) started.   If the 
answer for recording this is to update the CSS area strategic goals I will 
do that. 

Please update and we present it to the cMC for endorsement

>> Re GFT there is a draft project definition in the framework and this 
will be discussed at the CSS meetings in London.
OK. update schedule after Technical meeting and before joint CESG / CMC 


>> Re unframed telemetry, my understanding is that the consensus is to go 
with the US ANSI extension to SLE if this is needed rather
>>  than invest CCSDS resources in developing this via the CSTS framework. 
OK. Delete Project and present it to CMC for endorsement



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