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Please find attached the last Strategic Plan version, updated by Cynthias 
and that will be used to populate the CWE (the textual part, not the 
The intention of my note was to request the WG chairs to include in the 
CWE those Projects not yet in

For the sake of clariry, some examples for SEA

CWE Doc. TBD    Reference Information Architecture, Infrastructure 
Services and    Interfaces (Magenta Book)
Milestone ID: MIL-SEA-301       Completion Date: 2016

CWE Doc. TBD    XML Standards and Guidelines (Magenta Book) 
Milestone ID: MIL-SEA-403       Completion Date: 2016

CWE Doc. TBD    Timeline Data Standard (Blue Book)
Milestone ID: MIL-SEA-501       Completion Date: 2017

CWE Doc. TBD    Time Service Architecture (Magenta Book)
Milestone ID: MIL-SEA-601       Completion Date: 2020

The start date should be well in the future (from 2016 onwards) with 
completion date in 2018, 2019, ...

Please consider the appropriate start date. If they are well in the future 
(from 2015 onwards) there will be no issue. Otherwise the CMC shall 
approve them with resources.

I suggest that after everybody enters the Projects, we will have a 
consistency-check Phase.

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