[CESG] CESG Fall 13 Report to CMC

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Tue Nov 26 13:01:39 EST 2013


Editorials have been corrected in my version 1.2, because I have already 
received comments from the CMC.

wrt SLS issue, I must admit that I made a mistake by inserting 
automatically all reports and not detecting that the CESG discussion / 
agreement was missing.

Gippo is on holidays. He returns on Thursday, but I will be in ASI (Rome) 
the whole day. I will discuss with him on Friday.

I suggest to add a VG addressing what was discussed during the CESG 
meeting (remediating the Area problem, and showing the CESG "consensus"), 
and in-line with the CESG notes distributed to all WGs:
New Project to create a common data link layer protocol (Gippo, G. Moury)
After a lengthy discussion, CESG has decided that the WG can go ahead with 
the proposal and pursue this item only after consensus on requirements is 
reached . 
WG is requested to send concept paper to other WG, and have discussions 
with them for closure, before initiating a Blue Book project. The WG is 
encouraged to do this as soon as they can, before and during the next two 
working meetings.
SLS AD/DAD state that they would rather have a BB than an OB, as this 
would be a more harmonized CCSDS work item capable of having consensus 
also by opposing agencies.
SLS AD/DAD will remove the conflicting issue from the CMC report if the 
proposing agencies will agree to these terms and remove OB project from 
framework, First thing to do is a concept document concentrating on
?       Requirements of prospective missions
?       Return on experience (identified deficiencies, limitations, flaws 
of existing CCSDS protocols)
?       Clear statement of expected benefits from next generation space 
link protocol
?       Description of the key features of what is being proposed


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