[CESG] CSS Area -- formal project initiations

Barkley, Erik J (3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Nov 14 21:42:41 EST 2013

CESG Colleagues,

I believe the CESG chair requested that for any new projects that an area director submits to CMC, that the area director inform the CESG of said poll initiations. Accordingly, I have requested CCSDS tech-support to initiate polls for the following projects:

*         Cross Support Service Management: Concept/Green Book

*         Cross Support Service Management: Schedule of Services  -- a blue book track project to produce the data format specification for publication of TTC network schedules

*         Cross Support Service Management: Planning Data Format -- a blue book project to produce the data format definitions for expression of such things as predicted mutual visibility between the TTC network ground station assets and spacecraft

For reference, these projects are in accordance with the priorities worked out jointly with the IOAG.  Please reference the CESG report to CMC from the Darmstadt/April 2012 meetings for more information on this.

Best regards,


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