[CESG] Update Org&Procs/ICS books per CESG discussion

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Consensus is defined as a CESG operating principle and as a key aspect of how CCSDS is to operate, and yet we have not defined the process.  We just say, over and over again, that we know what it is and use it, but we do not say how to achieve it.   We say "process for consensus building" and "insert proposals into the consensus-building machinery" but we never say just what that process or machinery looks like.

5.1.2      Consensus
The decisions of all CCSDS organizational units shall be reached through consensus.  In this context, consensus does not necessarily mean that unanimous agreement has been reached, but that the result incorporates the best set of compromises to which all parties can agree.

Based on my understanding of the principles by which CCSDS operates, and on a growing concern that I have stated before as to a significant misunderstanding of just what concensus really means,  I would have to say that we do not have consensus on this update to the Yellow Book.

Accordingly I must state that I cannot concur in publishing the document in its current form and would request that we hold up publication until we can come to closure on critical topic.

Best regards, Peter

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As CESG Chair, I am suggesting to have an in-depth discussion at CESG level, which can not be be solved via a quick poll.

If you insist with a quick poll, my vote is " DISAPPROVED"

and with the current understanding of consensus, it implies " no consensus" and your change has to be put forward for the next YB review.


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