[CESG] Update Org&Procs/ICS books per CESG discussion

Shames, Peter M (312G) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Nov 11 14:22:20 EST 2013

Tom & CESG colleagues,

After reading through the draft that Tom produced I am fully supporting of
the current set of changes.  I think Tom did a great job of pulling this
together.  However, after thinking about this further I would like to
proposed three other changes to the present text, two minor and one that
may require some discussion.

Sec 5.1.2	Consensus
Sec	Abstention from vote
Sec	Project mods

In our current document, and in past versions, we have a description of
consensus and some guidance as to how to tell if it has been reached, but
this seems to be a topic that still is subjective and a cause of some
discussion.  To remedy this I have proposed some new text, a revision of
what Wikipedia uses, as a more objective test of whether consensus has
been reached.  Please see pg 5-1 of the attached.

The abstention topic is a little complicated too.  The existing A02x1y3
does not identify "Abstain" as a valid vote, but our web site voting
process includes this as an option.  If we are to retain this in the
actual voting process, as it has been implemneted, we should include it
here.  On the other hand, given the rather small voting pool that we have
in the CESG, I question if we should, in fact, permit this "easy out".  My
concern is that we, the CESG, are the technical review board for CCSDS.
We do not have 20 members, where missing the vote of one of two is not an
issue.  We are 6 members, and missing one means that we have a 16% hit to
the technical valididity and coverage of the review.

Therefore I am suggesting that we leave the "Abstain" option out of the YB
and that we also remove it from the web site voting procedures as well.
That way we are consistent.

Regards, Peter

On 11/8/13 12:21 PM, "Thomas Gannett" <tomg at aiaa.org> wrote:

>Dear CESG Members,
>Updates to the CCSDS Org&Procs Yellow Books and draft ICS Yellow
>Book, based on discussions at the CESG meeting last Friday, are
>attached along with Word files showing changes since the
>last-reviewed versions. Per CESG action item 11.13.08, any comments
>must be received by COB Friday, November 15.
>Best regards,
>Tom Gannett
>Thomas Gannett
>+1 443 472 0805 

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