[CESG] CESG - MOIMS Resolution Nr 2 after last Fall 2013 CCSDS meeting: MOIMS DAI WG Chair Nomination

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Fri Nov 8 11:17:42 EST 2013

CESG Chair,

The following resolution has been approved by MOIMS AD. 



MOIMS-DAI WG-R-2013-02-002, Resolution concerning the MOIMS DAI chair

The CCSDS System Engineering Area: 

CONSIDERING that the current CCSDS DAI WG chair, John Garrett, is not 
anymore funded by his supporting Agency (NASA) and can not perform this 
role on a voluntary basis for a long time;

and RECOGNIZING the excellent work that John and the rest of the WG have 
done under his leadership;

would like to thank John for his service as the MOIMS DAI Working Group 
chair; and welcome him as DAI WG member

and further

RECOMMENDS that Daniele Boucon (CNES) be nominated as the DAI  WG chair;

and REQUESTS that the CCSDS Engineering Steering Group Chair initiate the 
required CESG poll for his approval.

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