[CESG] Re: Results of CESG polls closing 4 December 2012

Shames, Peter M (313B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Jan 4 13:55:42 EST 2013


Attached please find the updated RASIM Green Book.  Within it I have made
the necessary changes to reflect the feedback from the CESG review. Would
you please clean up Figure 1-1 as Keith requested since I do not have the
source for that.  You will also have to clean up the figure reference
changes caused by the inclusion of two new figures, as requested.

Once this is done I think the document is ready for the CMC poll.  Please
consider this a formal request to initiate that poll once these editorial
changes are made.

Thanks and best wishes for a properous New Year.


On 12/26/12 1:09 PM, "CCSDS Secretariat" <tomg at aiaa.org> wrote:

>I apparently never sent out the results of the poll on RASIM.
>Nevertheless, the poll did end with the
>results below.  I have attached to version used for the poll.
>CESG E-Poll Identifier:  CESG-P-2012-11-001 Approval to publish CCSDS
>312.0-G-1, Reference Architecture for Space Information Management
>(Green Book, Issue 1)
>Results of CESG poll beginning 6 November 2012 and ending 4 December 2012:
>                  Abstain:  1 (20%) (Calzolari)
>  Approve Unconditionally:  2 (40%) (Shames, Scott)
>  Approve with Conditions:  2 (40%) (Peccia, Barkley)
>  Disapprove with Comment:  0 (0%)
>      Nestor Peccia (Approve with Conditions):  Please add a
>disclosure page, up front, that clearly describes its status
>(reporting GB without associated MB/BB), scope and open items/issues
>- doc is not complete due to lack of resources
>- doc not binding for any CCSDS evolution
>- etc.
>Please also clarify that
>- the GB is not addressing all data handled by a Ground Segment (i.e.
>M&C data, archive data, procedures, etc.)
>- that the GB is not attempting to show a decomposition of the space
>- ground IA data model, normally composed of:
>- Product Structure
>- Operational modes
>- M&C modes
>- Procedures
>- Operation Control Data
>- Engineering Properties
>- Functional Electrical Architecture
>- Validation Data
>- Result Archive
>- Display Data


A note has been added to Section 1.2 Scope dealing with this request and
indicating that there is no companion BB nor MB due to lack of agency
resources.  It also states that the document is descriptive, provided for
information, and not binding on CCSDS standards nor working groups.

The Introduction and Scope sections clearly state what the document is.
These sections do not describe at length all of the things that the
document is not.  To do so, in any consistent way across all CCSDS
documents, would turn all of their Introduction and Scope sections into
some some of encyclopedia of what they are not.  Clearly we would not want
to do this for all CCSDS documents so I have chosen to take the more
appropriate path that we use elsewhere here as well.

>      Erik Barkley (Approve with Conditions):  Section is
>dated.  It discusses service agreements from the perspective of being
>developed.  This should be updated to indicate the official blue book
>and with proper CCSDS document reference included.  A double check re
>Figure 2-6 may also be required.
>The reference architecture appears to consist of three major
>sub-architectures:  Information Architecture, Software Components,
>and Information Services.  A suggestion is to include a class diagram
>in the introduction to show the relationships among the major
>sub-architectural components.
>The Information Architecture section lists types of information
>objects -- class diagram showing their (inter-)relationships would be
>useful for the reader.
>Unfortunately, there is no longer an IAWG and so section 6 may need


The reference to the CCSDS SM spec, 910.11, has been added and the figure
and table relating to Service Agreement have been changed to instead
reference the Service Package.  The ServicePackageRequest (fig 4-5 from
910.11) has been included along with a portion of a table defining the
data and meta-data.  This is now exactly aligned with 910.11.

As requested, two new figures have been added to Sec 1 (class diagram of
information management architecture elements) and to Sec 2 (class diagram
of meta model, domain model, information model relationships).

Sec 6 has been updated in a fashion similar to that used in Sec 1.2,
indicating that while the document was intended to lay down a foundation
for future work that work has been postponed due to lack of agency

>      Gian Paolo Calzolari (Abstain):  I would appreciate stating
>clearly what is not part of this book e.g. the Space Link with its
>lower layers. This action includes also making clear that items as
><Figure 2-6: Service Agreement Information Model Overview> are only
>examples without any claim for completeness.


Please see previous note re Introduction and Scope.  The document clearly
states that it is about informaiton models.  It does not say that it is
not about space links, but that should be obvious.  Since we clearly would
not want to make extensive statements about all that any given document is
not for all CCSDS documents I have chosen to take the more appropriate
path that we use elsewhere here as well.

See previous note re changes to Fig 2-6 and the related text that now
directly references 910.11.

>      Keith Scott (Approve Unconditionally):  In Figure 1-1, TCP/IP
>is usually written with a slash or a dash between 'TCP' and 'IP'


The figure will be updated.

>Total Respondents:  5
>No response was received from the following Area(s):
>      SOIS
>PROPOSED SECRETARIAT ACTION:            Generate CMC poll after
>conditions have been addressed
>* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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