[Secretariat] RE: [CESG] Can we belay the CESG Poll for SSI?

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I apologize that you weren't copied on the resolution to publish the SSI Architecture - I neglected to copy any of the CESG (the resolution went out before the Fall meetings where I was instructed to do so).

I do think that this case, while not a *good* example of the process, should end up producing a stronger CCSDS product that is fully endorsed by the Space Internetworking Strategy Group to the IOAG.



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Subject: Re: [Secretariat] RE: [CESG] Can we belay the CESG Poll for SSI?

I misunderstood the book (SSI GB vs CSA GB)

but this in not the main issue

Was I copied in the resolution request ?

I can not find Keith's mail with the resolution.

If I am wrong, please disregard my statements

Otherwise, we need to discuss this type of hand-shake resolutions between ADs and the Secretariat.

This is not the type of governance that we need, considering that for other matters everybody is pushing us for the appliance of the Procedure YB to its letter.


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