[CESG] Draft 1.0 CESG Report to CMC

Chris.Taylor at esa.int Chris.Taylor at esa.int
Fri Nov 2 03:05:00 EST 2012

Adrian, I noticed there's a double bullet on slide 100 relating to PUS/DEM.
I also wonder if this slide will have much impact as it stands as I suspect
having limitless resources would still not solve the issue. As I recall,
Nestor previously proposed to submit the PUS to CCSDS, along with resources,
in an attempt to obtain a consolidated blue book but this was rejected due to
"lack of interest"

If we want to solve the problem, there has to be the will to come together
and compromise,  I just don't see that happening especially if MPCV have
already baselined DEM, which, by the way, will be an interoperable mission if
ESA gets the go-ahead for the service module,


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