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The CSS area report to CMC has been uploaded to the private CWE for the Cleveland fall 2012 meetings. This set of slides replaces the set of slides incorporated into the overall CESG report for the CSS area.   The previous set of slides were intended only for a quick readout for CESG purposes. I have deleted the previous of slides from the private CWE area.

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ADs and DADs: attached is the first version of the integrated report to the CMC meeting in December. You can also find it loaded on the private CWE -


Please check your sections over and let me know if you have any corrections. Please also check over the "Items brought to attention of the CMC" starting on slide 96 and identify any missing or erroneous items. Finally, please review Nestor's list of action items from the meeting (appended below) and attend to them as they come due.

Eric, old chap: in future would you please use the template, which I sent out as well as loaded on the website? It took me simply ages to edit what you gave me, which appeared to have Japanese slide masters embedded in it.

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CESG Action Items from Fall 2012 meeting

Action CESG-1012-001: Brian will provide list of existing logins to Area Directors for controlling: Due Date: 15th Nov 12

Action CESG-1012-002: GM to update Project "behind schedule" SDLS Protocol - Extended Procedures:Due Date: 15th Nov 12

Action CESG-1012-003: CT to update Project "behind Schedule"  Low data rate wireless: Due Date: 15th Nov 12

Action CESG-1012-004: Brian to create a place under CWE for closed WGs, because when books are due for the 5 year review, the old material is needed for the review. Due Date: 15th Nov 12

Action CESG-1012-005: Secretariat shall keep a list of standards due for 5 year review and inform the corresponding AD. Due Date: 15th Nov 12

Action CESG-1012-006: NP to update Project "behind schedule" RAC GB: Due Date: 15th Nov 12

Action CESG-1012-007: NP to update Project "behind schedule" PRM:  Due Date: 15th Nov 12

Action CESG-1012-008: PS to direct the Security WG to review security-related SANA glossary entries with respect to the Security Glossary.         Due Date: 15th Dec 12

Action CESG-1012-009: PS to update Projects "behind schedule" Crypto + Key Management + Security Architecture: Due Date: 15th Nov 12

Action CESG-1012-010: ICS -  PS will prepare a prototype ICS: Due Date: 15th Feb 13

Action CESG-1012-011: PS to update Projects "behind schedule" D-DOR GB and BB: Due Date: 15th Nov 12

Action CESG-1012-012: AH / NP to add a dissatisfaction note on the lack of coffee and the difficulty to "get together" during coffee / lunch breaks. Due Date: 30th Nov 12

Action CESG-1012-013:  CESG to review File Transfer Use Cases distributed by MdG: Due Date: 15th Dec 12

Action CESG-1012-014: ADs to identify changes to ICPA (in fields not automatically updated by the FW) and inform NP who will ask BO to implement them.       Due Date: 15th Nov 12

Action CESG-1012-015:  Nick to make ISO Patent declaration and licensing patent forms available in public area of main Web site. Due Date: 15th Dec 12

Action CESG-1012-016:  Tom Gannett: Yellow Test Reports will be made available in CESG documents directory in CWE. Due Date: 15th Nov 12

Action CESG-1012-17: PS will do a sanity check on the old document "XML best practices" (produced by PS, LR, etc) and deliver to the CESG, who will ask a further review by all affected WGs (SM&C, NAV, SEA, SM, SOIS).  Due Date: 15th Feb 13


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