[CESG] PICS text in A02.1-Y-2.1d

Shames, Peter M (313B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Sat Jul 9 12:25:37 EDT 2011

Enjoy your holidays.

Given that we discussed the changes in the CESG and CMC, including looking at the changed text, I am puzzled as to the confusion now.  I am also puzzled as to why that widely published and referenced ISO definition of "protocol", when narrowly constrained to Blue Books of protocols, would be seen as a problem.

Best regards, Peter

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I am since yesterday on holidays

I will not read any doc when being at the beach

The attached doc to the CMC poll was not what was expected wrt PICS

Many ESA staff are now on holidays. It is difficult to co-ordinate between us

You will get feedback when we are back from holidays

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