[Ccsds-omg-liaison] XTCE 1.1 public bugzilla updated...

Kevin Rice Kevin.Rice at gst.com
Mon Oct 22 18:51:41 EDT 2007

I’ve updated the bugzilla for the XTCE1.1 schema with all the bugs or feature requests I’ve accrued since 1.1 was published;  they number 35.  

Around 12 or so are little more than typos – unfortunately the OMG process seems to require that to even fix typos, we’ll have to go thru another release at some point. (we should revisit this with them I think

The others are feature requests which I labeled as “enhancements” in the bugzilla database.  Generally I believe these should be driven by use cases -- more use cases for any feature request should increase the likelihood of it being addressed in a future release of XTCE.  Many have come from several organizations which I collected personally but may not be reflected in the entry I made initially – in other words you can’t blame me for all of them! 

I also encourage folks that have more bugs or features to put them in the database – but you’ll have to get an account to do that (it’s painless!)   But anyone can just take a look at them, follow this link and search:


Ultimately these entries in bugzilla will be formally submitted to the OMG issues database.  As such I’ve written up a brief summary of the schedule related to this in the CWE folder area which is in the file “SchemaBugzillaInfoSchedule”. It can be found by following this link:

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