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Dear Area Directors:

CESG review of the proposed Red Book SM&C Message Abstraction Layer concluded
without comment.  The Secretariat will now seek CMC approval to release the
document for CCSDS Agency review.

Best regards,
Tom Gannett

At 08:12 AM 6/13/2007, CCSDS Secretariat wrote:
      Dear Area Directors:

      The Mission Operations and Information Management Services (MOIMS)
      Area, on behalf of the Spacecraft Monitoring and Control Working Group,
      has submitted the attached document to the CESG for approval to release
      for CCSDS Agency review.

      Because this is a "pre-review" review, its sole purpose is to identify
      major technical issues, if any, and otherwise assure the document's
      suitability for CCSDS Agency review.  For that reason, the CESG review
      period is set at two weeks, concluding on Wednesday, 27 June 2007.


      The attached review document and RID form should be forwarded as needed
      to Area experts for review and comment.  The attached RID form must be
      used to record specific changes recommended by reviewers.  All RIDs
      generated as a result of this review should be sent via e-mail directly
      to the document rapporteur identified below.  The document rapporteur
      will report the results of the review, including disposition of any
      RIDs, to the CESG after the conclusion of the review.


      Mario Merri
      Chair, Spacecraft Monitoring and Control Working Group
      E-Mail:  Mario.Merri at esa.int

      Please CC the Secretariat on all correspondence relating to this

      Best regards,
      Tom Gannett

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