[Ccsds-omg-liaison] XTCE schedule?

Adrian J. Hooke adrian.j.hooke at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Jun 21 13:11:48 EDT 2005

The following schedule is what we jointly agreed between the SM&C-WG and 
the STDF at our meeting in Athens on 14 April 
Two questions:

a) Have there been any changes to this schedule?
b) Has Nestor's action item been completed?

>3. XTCE RTF. CCSDS personnel joined the SDTF's Revision Task Force (which 
>has been chartered for one year) and submitted 97 RIDs that were generated 
>as part of the CCSDS formal Agency review that just completed. The window 
>for comments will be kept open for one more month to allow JPL to complete 
>its review. Many of the current RIDs were cleared during this meeting and 
>the remainder will take a couple of months to work through. There do not 
>appear to be any show-stoppers, however  a significant related issue has 
>been identified: the need for a jointly agreed registration mechanism for 
>XML schema naming conventions in order to avoid namespace collisions. 
>Gerry Simon has generated a proposal that needs to be reviewed by CCSDS:
>ACTION: Nestor Peccia - transmit Gerry Simon's namespace proposal to the 
>CCSDS IPR Working Group for review and comment, with a view towards 
>adopting it as a CCSDS Yellow Book.
>The overall schedule for updating and reviewing the XTCE specification was 
>discussed, particularly in view of the need to synchronize the review 
>loops. The following 2005-2006 schedule was agreed by OMG and CCSDS personnel:
>30 AUGUST:   Updated XTCE specification available (OMG "Interim Report")
>              CCSDS encapsulates Interim Report; start of CCSDS formal 
> Agency review
>30 OCTOBER:  Close of CCSDS Agency review.
>              CCSDS RIDs to RTF
>01 NOVEMBER: Close of RTF window for comments
>01 FEBRUARY: RTF deadline to submit RTF Report to OMG Architecture Board.
>              Start of OMG Architecture Board - Domain Technical Committee 
> - OMB Board approvals.


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