[Ccsds-omg-liaison] Fwd: Enterprise Interoperability Information Day, Athens Greece

Adrian J. Hooke adrian.j.hooke at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Feb 22 16:44:04 EST 2005

Jon and the SDTF folk: are you going to get an announcement like this on 
the streets about "Space Information Day?"


>Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 11:38:44 -0500
>From: Nicole Glazen Rikkinen <nicole at omg.org>
>Subject: Enterprise Interoperability Information Day, Athens Greece
>To: nicole at omg.org
>OMG's Business Enterprise Integration (BEI) PTF invites you to join them at
>the Athens Technical Meeting on Wednesday, April 13, 2005 for the Enterprise
>Interoperability Information Day.
>Enterprise Interoperability is climbing high on the IT strategy agenda both
>in US and Europe. Learn about the current state and future directions from
>both the OMG and the European industry and research perspectives.
>The goal of the Information Day is to provide information about ongoing and
>planned activities and standardization efforts in OMG related to Enterprise
>Interoperability, in particular from the BEI (Business Enterprise
>Integration) and MANTIS (Manufacturing) task forces. This will be
>accompanied by presentations from ongoing European 6th Framework research
>projects related to user requirements and results for Enterprise
>Interoperability. The day will conclude with a panel discussion on future
>standard needs and opportunities.
>Goals and objectives: To provide information about and exchange between OMG
>and ongoing European 6th Framework projects related to Enterprise
>Interoperability, and to analyze how to best use and contribute to ongoing
>and emerging standardization activities.
>Access is free for participants to the general OMG TC meeting, special price
>for the Enterprise Interoperability Information day only, is $150.00 USD.
>If you have not already registered for the Technical Meeting, please see:
>0830 ­ 0845             Welcome Introduction
>                         Dr. Richard Soley, CEO, Object Management Group
>                         Arian Zwegers, European Commision, “The CEC 6th FW
>                         Cluster projects on Enterprise Interoperability”(tbc)
>0900 ­ 0930             OMG BEIDTF Status and Plans
>                         Fred Cummins, EDS Fellow, EDS
>                         ·       RFP results
>                         ·       RFI/RFC results
>                         ·       Roadmap discussion
>0930 ­ 1000             OMG Business Rules Status and Plans
>                         Don Baisley, Consulting Engineer, Unisys
>1000 ­ 1030             Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules (SBVR) 
>Approach to
>Business Modeling                       Language for the Digital Business 
>Ecosystem (DBE)
>                         Angelo Corallo, University of Lecce
>1030 ­ 1045     BREAK
>1045 ­ 1115             MANTIS activities related to Enterprise 
>                         Uwe Kaufman, Dipl.-Math., Fraunhofer IPK
>1115 ­ 1200             MANTIS Case Study, PLM Services
>                         Michael Feltes, Daimler Chrysler
>1200 ­ 1400             OMG LUNCH ­ with plenary presentation
>1400 - 1445             Industry Requirements for Enterprise Interoperability
>                         From the Automotive, Aerospace, Furniture and 
> Telecom domains
>                   Maria Anastasiou, INTRACOM  (ATHENA project)
>                   From the Health and Crisis Management domains
>                   Simela Topouzidou, ATC (SODIUM project)
>                         From the Finance domain
>                   NN, IBM   (User partner MODELWARE project)
>1445 - 1515             Related European activities and projects
>                         ·       ATHENA IP   Claudia Gugliemina, TXT
>                         ·       INTEROP NoE     Arne J. Berre, SINTEF
>1515 ­ 1530             BREAK
>1530 - 1630             Related European activities and projects (continued)
>                         ·       SODIUM STREP, Aphrodite Tsalgatidou, NKUA
>                         ·       TRUSTCOM (NN, SAP) (tbc)
>                         ·       MODELWARE Business Integration (NN, IBM) 
> (tbc)
>                         ·       SECSE  (Stefano de Panfilis, Engineering) 
> (tbc)
>                         ·       CROSSWORK (N. Mehandjiev/K. Fessl) (tbc)
>1630 ­ 1730             Discussion on Future Potential Standards Efforts
>                         for the support of Enterprise Interoperability
>                         Stan Hendryx, CEO, Hendryx & Associates
>                         ·       NO-REST, The Networked Organisations - 
> REsearch into STandards and
>Standardisation Project, Kai Jacobs, Univ. Aachen (tbc)
>                         ·       COPRAS, The Cooperative Platform for 
> Research and Standards - Scott
>Hansen, Open Group (tbc)
>1800 ­ 2000             OMG Reception
>Thank you for your consideration, see you in Athens!
>Nicole Rikkinen
>VP, Business Development
>Object Management Group
>250 First Avenue, Suite 100
>Needham, MA 02494
>About The OMG
>The Object Management Group (OMG) is an international, open membership,
>not-for-profit computer industry standards consortium. OMG member companies
>write, adopt, and maintain its standards following a mature, open process.
>OMG's standards implement the Model Driven Architecture® (MDA®), maximizing
>ROI through a full-lifecycle approach to enterprise integration that covers
>multiple operating systems, programming languages, middleware and networking
>infrastructures, and software development environments. OMG's standards
>include: UML® (Unified Modeling Language™); CORBA® (Common Object Request
>Broker Architecture); CWM™ (Common Warehouse Metamodel); and
>industry-specific standards for dozens of vertical markets. OMG has offices
>at 250 First Ave., Suite 100, Needham, MA 02494 USA. This email may be
>considered to be commercial email, an advertisement or a solicitation.
>If you would prefer not to receive messages from the OMG, or have address
>corrections, please reply to this email message, requesting Unsubscribe or
>describing your address corrections

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