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[Comments from Gerry Simon are included below. Any more comments or shall 
we call this a wrap?]

Draft2 Summary:
Athens, Greece
14 April 2005


Key members of the OMG's Space Domain Task Force and the CCSDS Engineering 
Steering Group convened in Athens at 17:00 on 14 April 2005 to review:
a) Progress in joint work at this meeting, in particular the XTCE Revision 
Task Force.
b) Overall working relationships, including mechanisms to avoid 
unproductive overlaps.

OMG attendees:
Brad Kizzort; Jon Siegel; Gerry Simon

CCSDS attendees:
Scott Burleigh; Yves Doat; Stuart Fowell; Jen-Luc Gerner
Adrian Hooke; Gerard Lapaian; Mario Merri; Nestor Peccia
Chris Plummer; Takahiro Yamada; Abhijit Sengupta; Peter Shames

1. SDTF RFP-2 "Monitor and Control". The OMG window for RFP-2 closed with 
no submissions bring received, and the SDTF does not intend to reactivate 
the RFP. Instead, the SDTF personnel have agreed to join the CCSDS 
"Spacecraft Monitor and Control" Working Group from this point forward and 
will participate via teleconference, mailing lists, etc.

2. The SDTF RFP for the "Operations Procedure Model" did not make it 
through the OMG's Architecture Board and will need to be revised. CCSDS 
personnel agree that since there are no CCSDS resources allocated to this 
topic and since we are hoping for significant input from industry, the OMG 
is an appropriate forum for this standardization. CCSDS personnel will 
therefore closely track the future progress of this RFP.

3. XTCE RTF. CCSDS personnel joined the SDTF's Revision Task Force (which 
has been chartered for one year) and submitted 97 RIDs that were generated 
as part of the CCSDS formal Agency review that just completed. The window 
for comments will be kept open for one more month to allow JPL to complete 
its review. Many of the current RIDs were cleared during this meeting and 
the remainder will take a couple of months to work through. There do not 
appear to be any show-stoppers, however  a significant related issue has 
been identified: the need for a jointly agreed registration mechanism for 
XML schema naming conventions in order to avoid namespace collisions. Gerry 
Simon has generated a proposal that needs to be reviewed by CCSDS:
ACTION: Nestor Peccia - transmit Gerry Simon's namespace proposal to the 
CCSDS IPR Working Group for review and comment, with a view towards 
adopting it as a CCSDS Yellow Book.
The overall schedule for updating and reviewing the XTCE specification was 
discussed, particularly in view of the need to synchronize the review 
loops. The following 2005-2006 schedule was agreed by OMG and CCSDS personnel:

30 AUGUST:   Updated XTCE specification available (OMG "Interim Report")
              CCSDS encapsulates Interim Report; start of CCSDS formal 
Agency review
30 OCTOBER:  Close of CCSDS Agency review.
              CCSDS RIDs to RTF
01 NOVEMBER: Close of RTF window for comments
01 FEBRUARY: RTF deadline to submit RTF Report to OMG Architecture Board.
              Start of OMG Architecture Board - Domain Technical Committee 
- OMB Board approvals.

4. WORKING RELATIONSHIPS: it was noted that with respect to the three 
technical work items noted above, the CCSDS and OMG have in each case been 
able to agree-on a useful and non-duplicative working arrangement. Rather 
than work out a grand unified theory to steer future decisions, it was 
agreed continue on a step-by-step basis and to evaluate at some later time 
whether the decision process can be formalized. The key to making his work 
is to improve the communication channel and to alert each other very early 
in the gestation process when a new work item is being considered by either 
side. Both sides agreed:
a) To use the CCSDS-OMG LIAISON LIST <ccsds-omg-liaison at mailman.ccsds.org> 
as the joint coordination mechanism.

b) To take care to post "early warning" information to the list so that new 
work items can be discussed before they become too tightly entrenched in 
either organization's program of standardization. (As an example, CCSDS 
will post its updated Operating Plan when it becomes available in mid-May.)
The meeting adjourned at 18:30 hours.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian J. Hooke
Chairman, CCSDS Engineering Steering Group (CESG)
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