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Jon Siegel siegel at omg.org
Mon Apr 4 19:23:42 EDT 2005

Hi Everyone --

Here are two things that will make these OMG documents easier to get to:

(1) Documents labeled "formal" are adopted standards and publicly 
available. Go to www.omg.org/specifications and, if you can't spot the 
sub-page for your spec right away, click on "here" next to the blinking 
square near the top of the page. On the table that comes up, use your 
browser's find feature to find the spec you're looking for. I did this to 
find "data distribution" and then clicked on "Specialized CORBA 
Specifications" in its section heading to go to the categorized page where 
the service is the first listing. Click on "1.0" to download the spec. 
Sorry it's so indirect, but we have a lot of specs. If you know what you're 
looking for (a modelling spec, for example), it's just two clicks. All OMG 
specs are downloadable by anyone for free.

(2)If you work for an OMG member company or organization, you can get your 
secret decoder ring - whoops, your username and password - by sending an 
email to info at omg.org. Our person usually responds to these requests the 
same day or the next. All of NASA is a member, so if you're a NASA person 
you're all set. (I don't know why the link goes specifically to Goddard.) 
ESOC is a member too. Just send an email stating that you work for whatever 
member company/organization, and that you'd like an OMG username and 
password. Also include info for our member database: Office snail mail 
addr, phone, fax, your job title (we've already got your email addr :-).

If you're not a member and you ever want an OMG document for planned or 
possible OMG/CCSDS cooperative work, email me directly and I'll send you a 
copy. Also, if you have any trouble getting a username/pw or getting yours 
to work, or finding anything on our website, email me.

Thanks and see you in Athens --

Jon Siegel, OMG

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At 01:07 PM 4/4/2005, Adrian J. Hooke wrote:
>At 08:41 AM 4/4/2005, Scott Burleigh wrote:
>>>The OMG specification is freely available from www.omg.org in the 
>>>documents section. Its document ID is: formal/04-12-02.pdf, Data 
>>>Distribution Service.
>>Excellent.  But I believe that section of the web site is available to 
>>members only, and membership charges range from $500 to $12,000 per year, 
>>so unfortunately I still can't easily read the document.
>If you try to access pre-finalization, OMG-proprietary specifications you 
>get led to a member search at:
>If you then search for NASA you get a link to 
><http://www.grc.nasa.gov/>NASA at Glenn Research Center and you can 
>similarly find a link to other places like 
>the  <http://www.esoc.esa.de>European Space Operation Centre (ESOC) and to 
><http://www.ccsds.org>CCSDS.  All, I believe, have institutional 
>memberships in the OMG. Whether or not anyone at those places has access 
>to the secret-decoder-ring user name and password is another question. 
>I've certainly never been given them.
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