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Dear Allan,
For SLS, the need from one meeting to the next remains quite stable, with the
exception that the RFM & RNG WGs will no more meet at different time and
place. In other words, the likely needs are summarized below:

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The table provides for each WG the number of attendees and the duration of
the meeting.
To the above, one should add for RFM and RNG WGs meetings (held in sequence)
in total a room for 15 people during 3 days.

Hope this helps

Best regards
Jean-Luc Gerner
Tel: +31 71 565 4473

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I know the fall of 2010 is still a long way off, but I am trying to break the
habit of a lifetime and get organised well in advance

I have made a provisional booking of rooms at the British Standards Institute
building to the west of London for the weeks of 25-29 October (technical
working groups) and 1-5 November (CESG/CMC/SC13 and possibly IOAG).

For the first week, I have booked all of their small meeting rooms.

There are 13 small rooms, holding the following number of people; 12, 8, 14,
10, 20,12, 8, 22,12, 20, 24,14, 20.

I have also booked one of their large meeting rooms, which holds 80 people,
for Monday morning and Friday afternoon for plenary meetings. We could get
the large room at other times if it was needed if we book early enough.

For the second week, I have booked a room that holds 20 people for the whole
week plus another 20 person room for the Monday for parallel meetings of CESG
and CMC/SC13.

Please let me know if these rooms are inadequate in terms of capacity. I have
booked almost all the rooms that BSI has available and if there is a serious
problem then we would need to look for a different venue.

I have chosen the BSI venue as it is in London (which seemed popular with
those who asked me about location in Colorado Springs) and they are well
served with meeting rooms. If there was a demand, we could hold the meetings
in the second week at RAL, which is in the Oxfordshire countryside and is
about 15 miles south of Oxford. I am only suggesting this to provide a change
of scene. The BSI location will be perfectly adequate for the second week

The journey from BSI to the Oxford area is about an hour by car and slightly
longer if using underground+train (Paddington to Didcot or Oxford).

One slight problem is that the BSI offices are not available at the weekend,
but small weekend meetings could be held in hotels, or at RAL if we held the
second week there.

The BSI offices are in Chiswick, immediately next to the Gunnersbury
underground station. There are some hotels in the vicinity (one is directly
across the road) or you may prefer to stay more centrally in London and take
the underground to Gunnersbury. The underground takes 15-20 minutes; more if
you need to change lines.

Please say if you think the room availability at BSI is inadequate for the
first week.

Please say if you would prefer the second week to be held at RAL. The default
location is the BSI offices in London.

There is no urgency to decide on the location of the second week, but it
would be good to settle it at the fall 2009 meeting if we have not done so

See you all in Noordwijk.

Dr. Peter M. Allan
Head, Space Data Division
Space Science and Technology Department
Science and Technology Facilities Council
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Harwell Science and Innovation Campus
Oxfordshire OX11 0QX
e-mail: peter.allan at stfc.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (1235) 445723     fax: +44 (1235) 446667

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