[Tc20-sc13] SC-13 & SC-14 joint meeting ?

Soula Jean-Marc jean-marc.soula at cnes.fr
Mon May 16 15:13:10 UTC 2005

Dear all,

As last week we had an SC-14 plenary meeting in Toulouse, hosted by CNES, I had the opportunity to talk to some of our counterparts in this group and I heard some of their conclusions.

This is just an unformal information (that should soon be confirmed through chairmen), about the possibility of a joint meeting of SC-13 & 14, which may be required to initiate a work plan on the Space TC, if confirmed in September by the ISO TMB.
As I heard, their plans are to meet with SC-13 in Washington, on the week of Octobre 24-28, as an extension to our already scheduled CMC and SC-13 meetings.

Still to be confirmed but to be noted in our agendas as the combination of all those meetings may require adjustment of our meeting and travel plans...

Best regards

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