[Tc20-sc13-l] FW: Horizon 2020- LOGIMATIC Project - Standardization Activities- ISO/TC 20/SC 14

Blackwood, Michael D. MBlackwood at asrcfederal.com
Mon Oct 2 18:34:18 UTC 2017

Dear ISO/TC 20/SC 13 Members, Observers and Liaisons,

Please see the following messages from the National Body of Spain (UNE) to ISO and from ISO/TC 20/SC 14. Please provide any feedback to me by Wednesday, 1 November 2017 so that a joint position with SC14 may be developed if needed.

Best regards,

Michael Blackwood
ASRC Federal Technical Services
ISO/TC 20/SC 13 Secretariat
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From: Nick Tongson [mailto:NickT at aiaa.org]
Sent: Monday, October 02, 2017 12:37 PM
To: Carlos Oliveira Lino - BR <lino at lit.inpe.br>; Daria Tyurina - RU <dariatyurina at yandex.ru>; Eduardo Velasquez - BR <andres.serrano at lit.inpe.br>; Fred Slane - US <freds at spacestandards.org>; Galyna Matus - UA <TK117 at yuzhnoye.com>; Jana Cavojova - SK <jana.cavojova at sutn.gov.sk>; John Davey - UK <j.r.davey at btopenworld.com>; Jong-Hee Lee - KR <leejh at kari.re.kr>; Karim Benmeziane - FR <benmeziane at bnae.asso.fr>; Keiichiro Eishima - JP <keiichiro.eishima at castle.ocn.ne.jp>; Mabel Santella - AR <msantella at iram.org.ar>; Marinao Semorile - AR <msemorile at iram.org.ar>; Olexiy Shypko - UA <office at dgcsms.dp.ua>; Paolo Santato - IT <paolo.santato at uni.com>; Paul Gill - SC14 Chair <paul.gill at nasa.gov>; Pietro Giordano - IT <pietro.giordano at thalesaleniaspace.com>; Pyowon Kee - KR <standard at kats.go.kr>; Rahul Kumar - IN <ird at bis.org.in>; Robert Fosen - NO <robert at rofconsulting.no>; Severin Drogoul - FR <severin.drogoul at airbus.com>; Stephan Bonk - DE <stephan.bonk at dlr.de>; Sven Radhe - SE <sven.radhe at sis.se>; Teresa Idzikowska - PL <teridzi at ilot.edu.pl>; Tong Xin - CN <std at ht708.com.cn>; Tuomas Tikka - FI <tuomas.tikka at aalto.fi>; Victor Chaporgin - RU <abc at roscosmos.ru>; Virve Ukkonen - FI <virve.ukkonen at sfs.fi>; Wei Yonggang - CN <wygww567 at sina.com>; Yoichiro Uchida - JP <yoichiro.uchida at sjac.or.jp>; Andre Lacroix - WG 3 (andre.a.lacroix at airbusafran-launchers.com) <andre.a.lacroix at airbusafran-launchers.com>; Fabien Castanet - ECSS Liaison <fabien.castanet at cnes.fr>; Hedley Stokes - WG 7 <hedley_stokes at msn.com>; Kent Tobiska - WG 4 Dep <ktobiska at spacenvironment.net>; Mikhail Panasyuk - WG 4 <panasyuk at sinp.msu.ru>; Naoko Baba - WG 6 <baba.naoko at jaxa.jp>; Stanley Kennedy - WG2 <stanley.kennedy at oak-aero.com>; Wolfram Knorr - ECSS Liaison <wolfram.knorr at airbus.com>
Cc: david.ross at nasa.gov; Blackwood, Michael D. <MBlackwood at asrcfederal.com>; Afarin, James (HQ-DS00) (james.afarin at nasa.gov) <james.afarin at nasa.gov>; Eduardo W. Bergamini <e.w.bergamini at uol.com.br>
Subject: FW: Horizon 2020- LOGIMATIC Project - Standardization Activities- ISO/TC 20/SC 14

[External Email]
To The SC14 Heads of Delegation and Working Group Convenors

[Copy: SC13 Secretariat]

Please see the message below from the National Body of Spain (UNE) to ISO. If you have any feedback, please forward to me by Friday, 3 November 2017. This will give us sufficient time to develop an SC14 position, if needed, in time for their deadline of 30 November 2017.

[NOTE to SC13: Feel free to circulate within your SC and develop your own position, if needed. I will share the SC14 position (if any), in case we decide to put forward a joint SC13/SC14 position.]



Nick Tongson
For the Secretariat of ISO/TC 20/SC 14
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics  www.aiaa.org<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.aiaa.org_&d=DwMGaQ&c=Ff2GokX4A_6S-cy_JRNEiQ&r=fRKgVt6MmyzM1iR7y20Np9z_Qk3sShv8HHdNGGSzfg9Md-7O_JPY8wKeFy3cglfQ&m=KeyDnokE2krV8vf1qH3pYV84gJmqr40yt0YV6I-e204&s=MWC4ERJ5Kno7XVHLVlrtkwYn5SjENKhYiMYTPDgi_Rw&e=>
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From: Isabel Linares Nicolas [mailto:ilinares at une.org]
Sent: Monday, October 2, 2017 11:25 AM
To: Nick Tongson <NickT at aiaa.org<mailto:NickT at aiaa.org>>
Subject: Horizon 2020- LOGIMATIC Project - Standardization Activities- ISO/TC 20/SC 14

Dear Mr. N. Tongson,

First of all, allow me I introduce myself; my name is Isabel LINARES and work for UNE (Spanish Standardization Body). I’m addressing you on behalf of the LOGIMATIC project (H2020 frame), in which UNE is a partner  in charge of task related to standardization, including proposals for future European standards (for further information, see https://logimatic-project.eu/<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__logimatic-2Dproject.eu_&d=DwMGaQ&c=Ff2GokX4A_6S-cy_JRNEiQ&r=fRKgVt6MmyzM1iR7y20Np9z_Qk3sShv8HHdNGGSzfg9Md-7O_JPY8wKeFy3cglfQ&m=KeyDnokE2krV8vf1qH3pYV84gJmqr40yt0YV6I-e204&s=VjQPfq_0Uxt7Yxk3V9WRNlkII6tGbWpEn6LdiSCYcL0&e=>). As part of this project, under the responsibility of UNE specific standardization activities where included to: ensure compatibility with existing technologies by the identification of relevant existing standards, maximize dissemination to proper stakeholders (including relevant standardization technical committees) and facilitate market acceptance.

For your information, LOGIMATIC project has as title “Tight integration of EGNSS and on-board sensors for port vehicle automation” and as the scientific and technological objectives:

-      To develop an advanced automated navigation solution based on the integration of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and sensors onboard the straddle carriers (SC) vehicles.

-      To implement a GIS-based control module compatible with existing Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) for optimized global (yard level) route planning and fleet management. The module’s objective is to offer efficient transport logistics within yard operations and compensate for the loss of local driver intelligence

-      To implement security mechanism in order to detect and avoid spoofing and/or jamming attack, this makes the whole system more reliable to the cyber-attack

-      To assess the impact of application of such automated approach at large scale through simulation

-      To integrate, validate and demonstrate the proposed solution in a real port yard

The link with ISO/TC 20/SC 14 " Space systems and operations" comes from the fact that LOGIMATIC project proposes an ad-hoc advanced location and navigation solution to enable the automation of existing port vehicles with a significantly lower cost which will allow short-medium term investments until the whole port fleet is renewed with totally autonomous vehicles in the long term. This project will develop and demonstrate an innovative location and navigation solution for the automation of the operations of straddle carriers in container terminals. The objective of this contact is, on the one hand, to raise awareness on the project to this TC and gather feedback on any suggestion, question or comment related with it. On the other hand, it is intended that the objective, content and results of this project be considered by the TC as possibly useful inputs for contributing to future or ongoing standardization works or for identifying standardization needs, subject to the TC work plan. The consortium will be grateful for any feedback regarding the usefulness of this information for the standardization works of ISO/TC 20/SC 14.

We would be very grateful if you could give us feedback regarding the interest of this project for the activity of the TC, either as supporting information for the background of the TC, as a driver idea for potential new standardization works or as specific contribution to ongoing projects. Of course, any suggestion, question or comment related with the project are also welcome. Please, feel free to circulate this information to your TC members or to expert you consider be potentially interested in been acknowledged about the objectives and results of LOGIMATIC project. Anyway, if you find that additional information would be welcome, as well as other kind of contact (e.g. talking with the project coordinator, attending to a TC, SC or WG meeting to explain the project, etc.), of course, we would be pleased to provide it.

We would appreciate if you could provide this feedback by November 30th.

Thank you very much in advance. I will so much appreciate any feedback from your side about these issues.

Best regards,

Pressure equipment, installations & NDT Program Manager
Tel. +34 914 326 001
ilinares at une.org<mailto:ilinares at une.org>

[cid:image026.jpg at 01D33B7B.25211E60]<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.une.org&d=DwMGaQ&c=Ff2GokX4A_6S-cy_JRNEiQ&r=fRKgVt6MmyzM1iR7y20Np9z_Qk3sShv8HHdNGGSzfg9Md-7O_JPY8wKeFy3cglfQ&m=KeyDnokE2krV8vf1qH3pYV84gJmqr40yt0YV6I-e204&s=YjmbHGqTe8SXKQAm4aB6NcYWMDzLgPEqFfS_-1F9hR8&e=>

Asociación Española de Normalización

Spanish Association for Standardization

Génova, 6. 28004 Madrid


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La información contenida en este mensaje y/o archivo(s) adjunto(s), enviada desde ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE NORMALIZACIÓN, UNE. es confidencial/privilegiada y está destinada a ser leída sólo por la(s) persona(s) a la(s) que va dirigida. Le recordamos que sus datos han sido incorporados en un fichero y que siempre y cuando se cumplan los requisitos exigidos por la normativa, podrá ejercer los derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación y oposición, ante nuestra entidad. Si usted lee este mensaje y no es el destinatario señalado, el empleado o el agente responsable de entregar el mensaje al destinatario, o ha recibido esta comunicación por error, le informamos que está totalmente prohibida, y puede ser ilegal, cualquier divulgación, distribución o reproducción de esta comunicación, y le rogamos que nos lo notifique inmediatamente y nos devuelva el mensaje original a la dirección arriba mencionada. Gracias.


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