[Sois-tcons] " 2nd Optical wireless Working Group Meeting " related information.

Inmaculada.Hernandez.Velasco at esa.int Inmaculada.Hernandez.Velasco at esa.int
Mon May 15 12:55:57 EDT 2006

Dear all,

This note is to inform that the presentations and conclusions of the " 2nd
Optical wireless Working Group Meeting "held at ESTEC-ESA on the 28th of
April 2006 are now available at the ESA Wireless website:

http://www.wireless.esa.int/optical/index.html--->WHAT'S NEW

Best Regards

Inmaculada Hernández
Spacecraft control and Data Systems Division, ESA
Postbus 299
2200 AG, Noordwijk
The Netherlands
Ph:+31 (0)71 5653512, Fax:+31 (0)71 5656791

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