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The TCONS and OBL draft red book were limited to the communications aspects
and be the support to the specifications of the related services at

inter-networking and intra-networking level that should be the real 'end
product'of these WG. and as such did not provide the full SOIS picture.

Also we agree that this document presenting an architecure is not per se a
'standard recommendation' but a support to them.

Green or Magenta Book :

Our intention was to produce very soon a SOIS green book providing an overall
introduction to SOIS as a whole from TCOAS to TCONS.

Can we understand that the Green Book will be mainly descriptive giving a
nice overall picture without too many technical details whilst the 'Magenta
will be more a guide line/application profiles  book supporting the eventual
user/implementer of the corresponding services standards ?

In this latter case, this magenta would stay draft  for sometime waiting for
the outcomes of the prototyping activities and consolidation of the services

SOIS Workshop :

In any case, a SOIS workshop would be welcome. In fact, due to this long gap
between the last meeting and the June meeting, we could organize one as well
in Europe sometimes in the beginning of next year at ESTEC.

Being said that, I will probably have difficulties to join you for the last
week of October due to project review work  one one side but also because
our 'corprorate' mission budget is decreasing as we approach the end of the

 In any case, Chris may  be able to join  since we have kept some resource
for such travel in his contract.

TCOAS: presence of TCOAS guys will be necessary to get the full story right

Teleconf: I will set up ta SOIS teleconf to prepare and discuss this matter
in the coming weeks within SOIS

Best regards


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                                                  Subject: [CESG] SOIS reference model: special 1-day workshop?                           
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Patrick and Chris:

I was encouraged to see convergence in Atlanta on the need for a top-level
SOIS reference model, and in particular the proposal that the existing "Time
Critical Onboard Network (TCONS) and Onboard Bus Lan (OBL) Architecture" Red
Book might be re-vectored to become the core of a new Recommended Practice
(Magenta Book) that expresses the overall onboard networking architecture.
The current model (see below) still seems to need some clarification,
particularly in terms of:

1. Showing the Internal architecture of TCOA
2. Recognizing the application services that can support plug-n-play
operations such as device annunciation and device discovery.
3. Explaining why the TCONS API is shown in a service diagram.
4. Differentiating between SOIS and SIS Internetworking services
5. Recognizing other emerging onboard data buses, such as USB.

At the end of next month (25-27 October), the CMC and IOAG will meet near
Washington DC and many of you will be coming over for that meeting. On Monday
24 October, the IOAG has a private meeting and I would like to propose that
we hold a special CESG workshop on that day to focus on getting the overall
SOIS Reference Model agreed.

How many of you would be interested in participating in such a special SOIS
meeting on Monday 24 October? Madeline, Rick, Jane, Greg: would you guys be
interested in hosting this meeting at Goddard? If not, maybe Howie could host
it in Columbia?

Best regards
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