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Agenda Teleconf

- TCONS Tutorial feedback

- Discusions:

      - Use of 'threads' as suggested by Chris + moderator to avoid mixing
issues (divide and conquer)

      -Possible use of the CWE to support discussions threads : check SOIS
private area : http://public.ccsds.org/sites/cwe/sois/Discussions.aspx

- Key issues for Athens meeting

      - WG core tasks (WG chairs to set up program/objectives

      - SOIS area : consistency TCOAS/TCONS/OBL  :   clarify open issues on
layers interfaces

                - BOF chairs to provide plan of work/objectives

- Availability  of internet access in Athens to be sorted out (not provided
as as service ny OMG organsiation...)

- Availability of room for Saturday 16 to be sorted out

-  AOB

Here are the list of people having confirmed their participation:

Abhijit Sengupta  1 (818)393-6697.

Greg Menke  1 301 286 0726

Stuar Fowell +44 (0)117 971 7251

Steve Parkes +44 1382 345194

Scott Burkley not communicated yet Does somebody knows the extension of

Ashton Vaugh 1 818 393 3747

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