[Sois-tcons] RE: [Sois-tcoa] Simplified TCONS ServicesReference Model

Massimiliano.Ciccone at esa.int Massimiliano.Ciccone at esa.int
Tue Mar 15 04:21:53 EST 2005

[On 14 March 2005 Rich wrote]
Hi All,

The real issue seems to be the exposure of the TCONS networking service as
a "public" service - giving other network services access to the bus.

Also, I think we need to talk compliance again.  If a Spacecraft runs NP/IP
directly over SpaceWire is it SOIS compliant.  In some ways I do not want
to answer this question yet but I think it is at the heart of what people
are thinking.

If a mission is only using IP or NP and it is not using TCONS services or
maybe even have the TCONS API implemented to work over IP or NP.  Is this
mission SOIS compliant and how do we describe this compliancy.

Hi Rick,
This is exactly what I have been trying to say one in my previous messages
when I was talking about the infamous "two levels of SOIS compliance". In my
opinion, a mission using the TCONS API over different networking and
transport protocols can be defined as a mission that is SOIS compliant from a
sw reusability point of view, but it is not interoperable with another
mission using both the TCONS API and the TCONS protocols.


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