[Sois-tcons] On SOIS Green Book - again

Abhijit Sengupta Abhijit.Sengupta at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Mar 4 18:30:07 EST 2005

Hi Folks:

According to the action items that we agreed upon at Toulouse, the final 
draft was supposed to be completed by February end. I know I am running 
late - primarily because of two reasons:
(1) The reference model - going through a series of discussions - 
significant disagreements on what appears on the latest version of the 
green book
(2) Plug-n-play service - where does it belong

I do not think these issues are going to be settled soon (by soon I mean in 
a week or so) - in fact, I highly suspect that these issues are unlikely to 
be settled before the Spring Meeting. So, I am suggesting that I complete 
the final draft by next friday using whatever we have got so far and pass 
for review. Once these issues get settled, if the settlement implies a 
major change, an update will be created. Note that this is Green Book 
giving concepts and rationale, not great details of implementation or 

Any objection to this strategy be voiced immediately.

Abhijit Sengupta

All personal and professional opinions in this email are my own
and do not represent, in any way, the opinion or policy of JPL

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